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Canadians Are Trying To Find The Owner Of This Pet Pigeon Who Was Found Wearing Leg Warmers

The pigeon is spotted wearing red and white leg warmers.

Even though animal rescue services probably deal with dozens of lost pets on the daily, this lost pet might be one of the weirder cases that they have had to deal with. The Oshawa Animal Service Center is currently attempting to find the owner of a pet pigeon that was found in Oshawa earlier today. But how do you know the difference between a pet pigeon and a normal one? This pigeon was spotted wearing leg warmers. 

Oshawa Animal Service Center reached out to the public on Wednesday afternoon, posting a picture of the leg-warmer wearing bird, asking if anyone knew who the pet belongs to. OASC states that the bird was discovered on Townline and Bloor and is now safe with them until the owner is found. 

A photo has been posted of the bird, showcasing a light brown and white pigeon, wearing red and white leg warmers on each leg. 

While Oshawa Animal Service Center does not state that they have any leads on who the bird belongs to, some Canadians are making suggestions on who may own the pet. 

Some residents are speculating that the pigeon may belong to the Oshawa General Racing Pigeon Club, however, this has not been confirmed. 

According to Info Durham, the Oshawa General Racing Pigeon Club is a club for those who raise and race pigeons in annual competitions. The club is also known to resolve problems that the public has concerning pigeons in their area. Both children and adults are able to participate in these races that take place between May and Septemeber ever year. 

While it may be possible the pigeon does belong to this club, it may also just be a pet to another resident in the Oshawa area. 

In the Facebook post that the Oshawa Animal Service Center has released, they state that they have not yet contacted the Oshawa General Racing Pigeon Club as the bird has just been turned into their care. 

Narcity has reached out to the Oshawa Animal Service Center for comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.