PETA Is Selling A Joe Exotic Costume & They Are Not Holding Back

"Preorder now, and be a 'Tiger Killer' this October."
PETA Joe Exotic Tiger Killer Costume Is Being Sold For A Limited Time This Halloween

It might be a little early to be thinking about Halloween; however, with Netflix's Tiger King documentary still on everyone's mind, PETA has revealed their take on the self-described "mullet-wearing, gun-toting" zookeeper. The animal rights activist group is now taking preorders for its PETA Joe Exotic "Tiger Killer" costume. The limited-edition ensemble is aimed at exposing the animal exhibitor.

"Tiger King has exposed tiger exhibitors as ghouls who steal cubs from their mothers, exploit them as living photo props, and then often discard or kill them when they grow up," said Brittany Peet, PETA Foundation Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement, in a press release. "This Halloween, PETA will poke some pointed fun at a tiger killer who belongs behind bars, where he can no longer harm a hair on any animal's head."

The "Tiger Killer" ensemble comes with a blonde mullet wig, a mustache, an orange jumpsuit, jail bars, and a stuffed animal tiger toy. 

The costume is selling for $159.00 and will ship by July 31.

PETA said the docuseries "glossed over Joe Exotic's cruelty to animals" and that the costume is aimed at making it known "Mr. Mullet belongs behind bars, where he can no longer harm a tuft of fur on any animal's head."

The group also calls out the documentary's Bhagavan "Doc" Antle, Tim Stark, and Jeff Lowe, who, according to PETA, "have criminal rap sheets and/or lengthy histories of federal Animal Welfare Act violations." Costumes of their likeness aren't being sold.

Tiger King follows the life of Joe Exotic, an Oklahoma zookeeper whose eccentric lifestyle and role in the big cat breeding business led him to plan a murder-for-hire plot against rival and animal rights activist Carole Baskin.

Since its release, the series and Joe Exotic have gained national attention, with celebrities like Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland and Parks and Recreation actor Rob Lowe going to Instagram to show their take of "Mr. Mullet."

The hype has led to a possible Joe Exotic movie being in the works and even inspired one Florida sheriff to look into the death of Baskin's husband.

While Halloween is a little under six months away, PETA's spoof Halloween costume is another addition to the growing popularity of the eccentric zookeeper.