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Pete Davidson And Kate Beckinsale Were Seen Making Out Again But This Time It's Even Weirder

Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson were seen making out in a car.
Pete Davidson And Kate Beckinsale Were Seen Making Out Again But This Time It's Even Weirder

Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale are definitely showing off their love for each other with a ton of PDA. Even though his relationship with Ariana Grande ended around 6 months ago, Pete Davidson's name was always brought up alongside hers. Well, now, that's definitely changed. Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale were seen making out again but this time it's even weirder

Now when you hear Pete Davidson, you're most likely going to hear Kate Beckinsale's name too. Ever since the two were seen laughing and having a great time at a Golden Globes after party, they've been pretty much inseparable. Then, they made things official at a hockey game by making out in front of everyone, including Antoni from Queer Eye. 

Kate and Pete have taken their makeout sessions to somewhere else this time, but obviously, still where everyone can see. While at a Motley Crew concert, the two made their way to their car and, well, began to make out. Imagine being the driver of that car? You can view the photos below: 

Kate Beckinsale snogs Pete Davidson in the backseat of their car after she supported him at Netflix’s The Dirt premiere

March 19, 2019

Oh, don't wait, there's more! On Cosmopolitan, you can see photos of fans standing outside their car watching, and holding up signs as if they want an autograph. Bad timing, guys! You can view those photos here

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While everyone is making fun of their age difference, it seems like it doesn't bother either of them. Which, it shouldn't!!!! Let's just remember that if two people are happy and in love, that's all that matters. Even if they do make out in random places. 

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