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Pete Davidson Kicked A Fan Out Of His Show For Making A Joke About Mac Miller's Death

Pete Davidson stood up for Mac Miller after a fan made a joke about his death.
Pete Davidson Kicked A Fan Out Of His Show For Making A Joke About Mac Miller's Death

Pete Davidson is sticking up for what's right. Pete Davidson hasn't had it very easy with the public eye in the past year, due to his quick relationship with Ariana Grande. Their relationship went from the highest high to a very low low, and the thing is, that's normal, most of us just aren't famous. People suspected one of the reasons their relationship ended was because of Mac Miller's death. Well, Pete Davidson actually kicked a fan out of his show for making a joke about Mac Miller's death

According to Hollywood Unlocked, Pete was doing his thing up on stage and making everyone laugh when he proceeded to make a joke. Like you obviously do during a comedy show. Well, during his set, he said, "So a funny thing happened to me recently in my apartment … my friend died of a heart attack." That's when a fan screamed out, "Mac Miller!" Not cool.

Of course, anyone would be upset over that. Death is not something to joke about. Pete was not having it and stopped his show to ask people who the guy was. He then asked him to leave and security walked him out. 

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Pete even told security to give him his money back, and said, "I don't want his money". Slow caps for Pete Davidson!!! Mac Miller, unfortunately, passed away last September and it was a shock to everyone, including his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande. While the two had been broken up for a few months, they were still really great friends. 

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We're really glad to see Pete Davidson doing the right thing, and sticking up for Mac Miller even though they may not have been on the best terms. When the guy was escorted out, the audience started to clap and Pete said, "Don’t applaud that asshole. Nah, go ahead, applaud! Applaud security for getting him out. They do a great job.” Good job, Pete.