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Pete Davidson's Ex Posts The Best Reaction To Him Dating Ariana Grande

We can't stop laughing.
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Pete Davidson's Ex Posts The Best Reaction To Him Dating Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are quickly becoming the cutest couple in Hollywood. They're so adorable it makes us sick but in a good way. These two are perfect for each other and we literally can't imagine them with anyone else.

Since Ariana broke up with Mac Miller, Pete and Ari have been blowing up our Instagrams with adorable comments and cute photos and we can't get enough.

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As you may know, Pete Davidson got his big break on Saturday Night Live. He's been starring on the show since 2014, which means his been working with the SNL crew for some time now. 

While starring on the show, he began dating Cazzie David, the daughter of Seinfeld creator Larry David. Cazzie and Pete dated for two years. They just broke up around the same time that Ariana broke up with Mac Miller, which was right before Pete and Ari got together.

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Since Pete and Ari went public about their relationship, Cazzie has remained relatively quiet - until now. She just posted a clever response to Pete's new relationship on Instagram and we can't stop laughing. 

The caption reads, "Been in Africa, what'd I miss?" It's obvious that Cazzie is taking a jab at Pete's new relationship. It's clear that Pete and Ariana have been all over the news about their adorable new relationship.

We can't stop laughing. Cazzie's feed probably blew up with Pete and Ari's new found love, so there's no way she actually missed the news that her ex moved on so quickly. 

We love her sarcastic humour and her perfect reaction to Pete dating a new girl.

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