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Mykenna Dorn Had The Best Reaction To Peter's Mom's Drama On 'The Bachelor' Finale

Looks like all of her goofy facial expressions came in handy.
Peter Weber's Bachelor Finale

Barbara Weber was this season’s villain after all. After months of waiting in anticipation, last night we finally got to witness Peter Weber’s Bachelor finale, and it’s safe to say that it definitely didn’t go down how anyone thought it would.

All season long, ABC has been teasing us with a super dramatic clip of Pilot Pete’s mom, Barb, crying and begging him to “bring her home to us.” There’s been plenty of speculation about who Mrs. Weber could possibly be talking about (Madison? A Bachelor producer? Kelley?), but when it was revealed it was Hannah Ann, viewers were blown away.

After meeting Hannah Ann in the previous night’s episode, the entire Weber family fell madly in love with her and adamantly tried to prove to Peter that she was the perfect choice for him. Despite his family’s input though, the 28-year-old’s heart lied with Madison, and it seemed like he was gearing up to propose to her.

When the Weber clan met Madison, they were less than impressed with her, and they weren’t afraid to let either of the young lovers know. As a result of the hostility, and other factors, Madison ended up breaking up with Peter in the Australian outback, leaving the Bachelor totally heartbroken.

After some thought, Peter decided that he would be able to get over his heartbreak from Madison, and so he proposed to Hannah Ann, who excitedly accepted. On last night’s finale though, we found out that Peter followed in the footsteps of season 22 Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk, and called off his engagement with Hannah Ann in hopes of pursuing his other finalist.

Many viewers were incredibly upset by Peter’s choice, but no one was more upset than his mother, Barb. Mrs. Weber clapped when her son’s ex-fiancee lectured him on live television, rolled her eyes when Madison was talking and spoke boldly about her disapproval of the new couple.

Twitter has had plenty of feelings about Barbara’s role in last night’s episode, but former contestant on the show, Mykenna Dorn, had arguably one of the best reactions.

The 23-year-old Canadian shared a gif of one of her hilarious facial expressions from this season, captioning it, “Me at Barb right now #TheBachelor”.

Dorn also shared some sweet messages with her former co-stars. “YES @HannahannSluss and @madiprew stand your ground!!!!!!! #TheBachelor,” she tweeted last night.

The rest of Twitter also had some hilarious thoughts about Barb’s dramatic commentary last night. “Hopefully things work out w Madi bc Barb has ruined ANY chance of Peter finding another girl wanting to marry him,” one person wrote.

Another season of The Bachelor may have come to an end, but it won’t be long before the franchise is back again with Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette on Monday, May 18.

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