Nostalgia-Loving Canadians Are Asking Justin Trudeau To Step In And Save Zellers

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Nostalgia-Loving Canadians Are Asking Justin Trudeau To Step In And Save Zellers

Six years ago, back in January 2013, it was announced that Zellers stores across the country would be closing their doors for good, breaking the hearts of many nostalgia-loving Canadians. Over the years, the stores have slowly shut down, one-by-one, until there remained just two lone Zellers locations in Canada, one in Etobicoke, and one in Ottawa. Earlier this month it was announced that the time had come for Canadians to bid a final farewell to the remaining stores, but some people are not prepared to let them go without a fight and have started a petition to bring them back. 

The once-loved store began closing years ago when Target stores started to replace them nationwide. However, there were two stores that managed to outlive the others, remaining open and in-business for years after the others closed. 

However, as all good things come to an end, it was reported in early August that the time had come for the remaining Zellers stores, and they would be closing down in the near future. In a confirmation email to Narcity, the Ottawa location said they would soon be shutting their doors for good, although an exact date was not given.

Also speaking to Narcity on the matter, the Etobicoke store confirmed that they too would be saying goodbye, but not until the end of January 2020.

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For some nostalgia-obsessed Canadians, it seems that simply saying goodbye to Zellers and moving on is impossible. In fact, some people feel so strongly about the store, they have created a petition to try to ‘save’ it from its new-found fate.

The petition, which is listed on, states, “It's Been 5 Years Since All Zellers Stores Closed Down, And 3 Years Since Target Stores Closed In Canada. Many have fond memories of the Zellers chain before it. After Target's acquisition of most of the chain's stores, the HBC slowly began removing Zellers locations from around the nation.”

The petition continues, “Today, as most people would be surprised to hear, there remain 2 Zellers locations in Canada, used as liquidation centers for assorted HBC products. This isn't practical for most. So, we are petitioning the HBC to bring back Zellers!”

The petition goes on to call on A. Baker, Governor and Executive Chariman of Hudson's Bay Company, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, asking them to bring the store back “to its former glory.”

The call-for-action ends by saying, “As For Every Canadian That Misses Zellers Says. BRING BACK ZELLERS! #BringBackZellers #ZellersForever.”

As it stands, the petition has just under 500 signatures, making it seem unlikely that either the company owner or the Prime Minister will respond.

That said, you can sign the petition by clicking here, and if you want to get involved in some last-chance Zellers nostalgia, both the Ottawa and Etobicoke stores will remain open to the public until further notice.

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