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There's A Massive Puppy & Kitten Adoption Weekend Happening Across Canada This Month

There's nothing better in this world than owning a pet. They give us unconditional love every single day and all they ask for in return are treats and lots of cuddles. There's really nothing better than getting home from a long day of work and having your dog greet you at the door, jumping up and down like you've been gone for a year. 

If you don't have the privilege of owning a pet right now, there's a perfect opportunity coming up to finally make your dreams come true! You know what they say though, adopt don't shop! PetSmart locations across Canada are hosting a massive adoption weekend this May so you can give a fluffy baby their forever home!

PetSmart hosts massive adoption weekends 4 weekends per year and the next one is coming up fast! Head to your nearest PetSmart location on the weekend of May 17th-19th and you'll find tons of loving animals just waiting for you to bring them home with you! 

PetSmart is an amazing organization that has helped over 8 million animals find their forever homes since 1994 which is seriously impressive. Over 1,200 animals will be available for adoption during this month's adoption weekend.

All of the animals available for adoption at the PetSmart adoption weekends are spayed are neutered already in order to prevent pet homelessness before it starts. Most of the animals will be cats and dogs but you can also adopt rabbits, birds, reptiles, and more! 

If you can't take on the responsibility of adopting a pet right now you can still go to the event and spend time with the animals. They also encourage people to show their support through donations on their site or simply show up to the event, take a picture with the animals and post it to social media with #PicMe which will increase the animal's chances of getting adopted!

Check out their website for more information!