Who says you can't have fun without drinking? Take it from me, I'm allergic to several types alcohol so I avoid it all —  you don't need to drink to have a good time, plus think of all the empty carbs you will be cutting out at the same time!

Whether avoiding alcohol is health and wellness induced, or you're just attempting an early New Year's Resolution, there's plenty of teetotaler-friendly spots around Philly to take a date for a great night out. So get ready to have a good time and still feel amazing when you wake up the next morning. 

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Take a Philly Food Tour (Haunted Food Tour coming up) 

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Nothing goes better with ghost stories than pumpkin spice. Seriously, I can't think of a better way to learn of Philadelphia's haunted history than during a food tour. Sample six different fall-flavored tastings (vegetarian substitutions available too) during the two and half hour long tour Thursdays through Sundays in the month of October. Group sizes will be small to ensure a more intimate experience, so get your tickets before they're all gone!


Sit back and enjoy the ultimate movie theater experience at Studio Movie Grill

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The Studio Movie Grill in Upper Darby sets a new standard for movie theaters, and you'll never settle again. With reclining chairs, a table with a "call" button, and a menu full of delicious comfort foods, you'll never need or want to get up from your seat during the movie — as long as you take it easy on the refills.


Order an alcohol-free Mocktail at one of these locations

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Your secret is safe, no one will even know there's zero alcohol in your drink except for you and the bartender. There are several bars a restaurant's throughout the city to order delicious virgin drinks at, including The Good King Tavern, The Library Bar, The Love, The White Dog, and Vernick Food & Drink — to name a few.

Tour Philadelphia's Love Letter Murals 

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Lots of romantic selfie photo-ops here. Take a tour on the El train or self-guide you and your date through the neighborhoods of the Market Street corridor to view Stephen Powers' Love Letter Murals.


Do the Philly Taco Challenge on South Street

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It doesn't get much more Philadelphian than this. The challenge, sometimes also referred to as "The Lorenzo’s-Jim’s Challenge," is a Jim's cheesesteak sandwich wrapped in a slice of Lorenzo's pizza. The original idea was invented more than a decade ago by some college students (of course) and is still very much a feat people partake in daily. So head on down to South Street, grab the cheesesteak from Jim's then pop on over to Lorenzo's for the pizza for the ultimate Philadelphia food challenge.

See how Viking you truly are at Urban Axes

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I'm no expert, but I imagine this is one of those things you should most definitely do while sober. Urban Axes is a pretty cool place to go if you're feeling a bit sporty. Test your ax throwing and accuracy skills, earn those bragging rights.


Stuff your face at the Philadelphia Night Market 

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Night, food, market — say no more, I know you'll be going. Four times a year this celebration of street food features dozens of the city’s best food trucks, neighborhood restaurants, live entertainment, and music all in one location. The next and last festival of the season will be held on Thursday, October 4th in Point Breeze, don't miss it!


Enjoy a great view from Philly's tallest rooftop eatery, SkyGarten

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Why take your date out to eat at a boring ground-level restaurant when you could eat 51 stories up instead? SkyGarten is a must-experience eaterie, not only because of the unbeatable views but also because of the inspired atmosphere and menu.


Meditate and picnic at the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

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Alcohol is so last year, who needs it when you can meditate all your problems away? And where better to meditate and relax than at the beautiful and peaceful Shofuso Japanese House and Garden. Hunger pangs make it hard to focus on expelling negative energy, so be sure to pack a lunch.

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Split a sundae at Big Gay Ice Cream

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This colorfully flamboyant ice cream parlor, also located on South Street, is everything you never knew you needed. Try one of their signature flavors, or be a little less daring and go for a hot fudge sundae — whatever you choose, you and your date will surely not be disappointed.


Book your escape room expedition at Escape The Room

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Escape The Room has been rated Philly's number one escape room and has received hundreds of great reviews, so if you're itching to test your wits they'll surely put 'em to the test. Choose from a variety of cool themes and roleplays, like being a spy or escaping a nuclear meltdown.


Set sail along the Delaware River for a lunch, brunch, or dinner cruise

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Spirit Cruises in Philadelphia hosts a delicious and scenic alternative to land dining. Cruise for two and a half to three hours on the Delaware River while you eat and enjoy the city skyline views and gentle sailing of the boat.


Self-guide yourselves on a tour of Philadelphia's National Historic Landmarks

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This one is for all my fellow history fanatics out there. From Elfrath's Alley to the home of Edgar Allan Poe, there is no shortage of historic landmarks to view and learn about around the city — so why not make a date out of it? Click this link to see the list of historic landmarks you need to visit.

Satisfy those sweet tooth cravings at Shane Confectionary

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This is like the Philadelphian version of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. As Philadelphia’s oldest producer of candy, you can believe that Shane Confectionary knows how to make a mean batch of sweet treats. They even have a chocolate cafe where you can order delicious chocolate-infused drinks. Is your stomach growling yet?


Split a rainbow bagel at Chestnut Street Philly Bagels

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What's better than a regular bagel? A tie-dye bagel, obviously. This bagel bakery not only has a ton of delicious cream cheese flavors (which is very important in the bagel industry) what's most exciting about their menu is their one of a kind tie-dye bagel. I mean, just look at them — you can see why people go crazy about these.


Aww over the latte art at La Colombe

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Caffeine and art go together perfectly. If you go to any of the La Colombe cafes located throughout the City and order a frothy drink your barista will decorate it with an adorable foamy design.

Snap some adorable couple photos on Addison Street

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Be that annoyingly-happy picturesque couple who take photos together everywhere. This always-lit street is the perfect place to snap some really sweet couples photos, especially at night. Go ahead, make your friends jealous.

Go ghost hunting at Mt. Moriah Cemetary

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Feeling a little daring and need something to do after-hours? How about ghost hunting at the abandoned Mt. Moriah Cemetary. This place is creepy enough during the day, imagine how eerie and quiet it would be in the middle of the night. *Shudders*

Sample some weird flavors of soft serve ice cream at Kuriimii

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There are several interesting ice cream joints in Philadelphia and Kuriimii is definitely one of them. This soft serve parlor not only has unlimited toppings but also offers some interesting flavor choices that you surely will not find anywhere else, like Black Sesame ft. Taro and Charcoal Vanilla Ice + Matcha ft. Marshmallow —to name a couple.


Check out the oddities of Mütter Museum

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Not for the faint of heart. Spend a day examining exhumed bodies, portions of Eientstine's brain, old fashion medical equipment and of course, human skeletons. Their motto: Disturbingly informed.


Take a romantic stroll around the beautiful Morris Arboretum

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For some reason, the Morris Arboretum remains a hidden gem in Chestnut Hill. While you totally want to check out everything the park has to offer, including a wide variety of plants, a pond, and even a miniature train display, the highlight of this location has to be the "Out on a Limb" canopy walk in the treetops.

Note: Autumn is quickly approaching, this is definitely an ideal place to enjoy the fall foliage.


Dance, eat and bowl all in one groovy location 

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Lucky Strike puts other bowling alleys to shame. With two stories, 24 lanes, live DJ's, food and events, this place is kind of a big deal with the younger crowd. Rent your lane today because they get booked up, FAST.


Refine your cooking skills together at a couple's cooking class

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The way to a man (and woman's) heart is through food, right? With that being said, it's not surprising that couple's cooking classes are a thing - and people are loving them. There are literally dozens of cooking classes to choose from, some for the wannabe bakers, some for the chiefs and some for both.

Check out this Yelp list (with reviews) for places to bond with your date over your own yummy creations.

Skate your heart out for free at the Blue Cross RiverRink 

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Rollerblade in the summer, ice skate in the winter - no matter what time of the year you choose to go, some things are for certain: it's free, it's fun, and the scenery is beautiful.