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26 Things To Do In Philadelphia When You're Bored And All Your Friends Are Busy

You'll wish your friends were busy more often.

Once in a while, you might find yourself in a situation where you're bored and all of your friends are busy - luckily there are still plenty of fun things for you to do on your own around The City of Brotherly Love. From spending some much needed time on yourself to just finding something entertaining to do, next time you're friendless you won't need to revert to folding the laundry and scrolling through Instagram - go and do these 26 things instead. 

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Treat yourself to a spa day

Where: Multiple locations

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There is perhaps nothing better to do during your alone time than relaxing at your favorite local spa. Whether you choose to just simply sit in the hot tub or prefer a body treatment, you will absolutely not regret treating yourself to a day at the spa.

See a movie

Where: Multiple locations

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Ok, I know you are probably thinking a movie would be better with at least one other person, right? Wrong. A personal movie date is the best because you don't have to worry about what anyone else wants to watch, no interruptions during the movie, and the best part - you keep your snacks all to yourself.

Try doing some amateur photography

Where: N/A

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If you have a smartphone (probably what you're reading this on right now) or even a digital camera, go out and take some photos. Take photos of the city, or of the people, or wildlife... Document your day with this fun hobby, and perhaps you will discover a new favorite activity.

Visit the local animal shelter

Where: Multiple locations

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If you're feeling lonely, you can rely on the animals at your local animal shelter to keep you company. The soft and cuddly thing is just a huge adorable bonus. And who knows, maybe you will walk out with a best friend who is always down to chill at any time!

Spend a day at the museum

Where: Multiple locations

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If you are from Philly then you probably already know about the dozens of great museums, and there is no better time to check them out then when you are on your own. Why? Because you can go through it at your own pace, of course!

Click here to see a list of museums.

Grab a drink and chill in a hammock

Where: Spruce Street Harbor Park, 301 S Christopher Columbus Blvd

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With hammocks to swing in and a cafe to grab an ice cold drink at, Philadelphia's Spruce Street Harbor Park really comes to life during the summer. Sometimes all you need is to lay in one of the hammocks with your favorite drink and enjoy being in the moment.

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Take a class

Where: Multiple locations

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And no, I don't mean a full semester (unless you want to, of course). Take a spontaneous day class of something that sounds fun to you; yoga, painting, jewelry making, cooking, bartending - basically if there is something you have been wanting to learn there is probably a class for it, and what better time to take it then when you have nothing else going on?

Go on a bar crawl

Where: Multiple locations

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Need something to do in the evening? How about a bar crawl! When all of your friends are busy the best remedy is to make some new ones while bonding over some tasty drinks.

Shop at the farmer's market

Where: Multiple locations

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If you have to adult, you might as well have fun with it. Shopping at one of the many farmer's markets around the city always proves to be a good time, and it cuts out needing to go to several stores since you can get just about everything all in one location - often for cheaper than at commercial stores. It is really a win-win situation, plus when you go on your own you don't have to worry about anyone rushing you through.

Gamble at the casino

Where: SugarHouse Casino, 1001 N Delaware Ave

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Turn your boredom into cash (I should totally be a spokesperson for the casino). The casino is fun all the time, whether you choose to play the slots or just eat at the buffet, there is no shortage of entertainment to keep your mind busy at Philly's SugarHouse Casino.


Attend a show

Where: Multiple locations

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Philadelphia isn't one of the art capitals of the nation for nothing. Every day there are tons of concerts, musicals, plays, comedy shows and more going on, so take your pick and book a seat for an evening of live entertainment.


Where: Multiple locations

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Make peace with your thoughts through a good meditation sesh. You can meditate just about anywhere, however, one of my personal favorite places to do so is at the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden - it just feels so right.

Get caffeinated 

Where: Multiple locations

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Philadelphia is home to many cafes, some of which really stand out from the rest. But don't just take my word for it, check out this article of 25 Philadelphia Coffee Shops You Should Go To At Least Once In Your Life and start planning your solo cafe adventure.

Play at the arcade

Where: Multiple locations

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Choose from one of the several arcades around the city and have so much fun that you totally forget about being on your own.

Go for a free swim

Where: Philadelphia community pools

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Feeling hot and bothered in the summer? Thanks to the awesome Philly parks and recreation government organization, you can cool off for free at one of the many community pools located throughout the city.



Where: Multiple locations

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Dust off your membership card and hit the gym, or go for a simple hike through one of the many parks in and around the city. No matter how you choose to get active, your body and mind will thank you afterward.

Go urban exploring

Where: Multiple locations

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Philly is a city full of parks, shops, and plenty of hidden gems - and sometimes the best way to uncover them is through good old urban exploration. Plus think of how happy your friends will be that you found some cool locations to hang out at.

Take yourself to dinner

Where: Multiple locations

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You don't need company to treat yourself to a nice dinner. Even if you don't want to sit by yourself, there is this beautiful thing called ordering for takeout and eating elsewhere.

Hang out by the river

Where: Multiple locations

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Just because Philly isn't a coastal town doesn't mean there aren't plenty of great areas to hang out by the water - after all, there is something about large bodies of water that entrance humans. Most notable for the city is the large Delaware River, accessible from many spots throughout the city, but there are smaller creeks around too if you prefer a more remote location.

Go on a self-guided mural tour

Where: Multiple locations

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There are hundreds of murals painted on building walls in the city, all worth seeing. It is pretty unlikely that you have seen them all, so you should totally make it a point to go on a self-guided tour, one neighborhood at a time, to view the breathtaking artwork.

Feed some wildlife 

Where: Multiple locations

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There is something oddly fun about feeding the wildlife. Grab some wildlife-friendly food like lettuce and seeds (not bread), and head out to a local park where they are known to frequent. You can also feed the koi fish at Shofuso Japanese House and Garden.

Try on clothes

Where: Multiple locations

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Clothes shopping on your own is probably the only time when you won't have to worry about boring your friends to death while you try on possible outfits - and as frustrating as it may be, it must be done because you've taken that chance one too many times only to be severely disappointed.

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Grab a new book from the library

Where: Multiple locations

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Lose yourself in a good book. Reading is such a therapeutic and healthy way to use your imagination, and no matter what you are into, the library is always full of plenty of choices.

Check out the skyline views

Where: Multiple locations

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While you can see the skyline from many places around the city, many would argue with good cause that the best place is the observation tower. Of course, you could also hop on the Spruce Street Harbor Park Ferris Wheel or the Philadelphia Zoo Balloon for a more unique view of the city.

Find an event on Meetup

Where: N/A

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Meetup is a great networking app for connecting locals who enjoy the same types of things (shopping, hobbies, etc). If you need something spur of the moment, Meetup usually proves to be useful.


Get around the city on a Double Decker Tour Bus

Where: N/A

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If you like going for rides and touring the city, you should do so via a Double Decker Tour Bus. You likely won't get better views from the city streets than on the top level of the bus - and the wind will totally feel great on your face.