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30 Spots In Philadelphia To Take Really Cool Instagram Photos

These places will definitely get your followers double-tapping.
30 Spots In Philadelphia To Take Really Cool Instagram Photos

Whether you're new to the city, just visiting, or just in need some good content for your Instagram and feeling a little uninspired, we got you. The City of Brotherly Love is one of the art capitals of America - so don't be surprised when we say there are a ton of really cool #instgram worthy places you need to take photos at. 

From the love sign at Love Park to the abundance of mural walls, you're going to want to charge your phone and slip into your best outfit because Instagram is practically begging you to post photos taken at these 30 amazing locations. 

Photo Pop Philly

Where: 1315 Walnut St

This limited time pop-up photo exhibit event features an array of photo booths decorated by Philly artists - all for one reason: selfies. This event is the first of its kind in the city and is only going on until September 3, 2018 - so if you haven't already gotten your tickets, do it now!


Tattooed Mom

Where: 530 South St

Get drunk while taking photos. Tattooed Mom is a hipster restaurant that is as cool as it sounds; it features a wide variety of odd-yet-awesome decor, making it a really popular location for selfie addicts - oh, and don't be surprised if you find yourself looking at the menu.

Graffiti Pier

Where: Graffiti Pier

Just as you would imagine from the name, Graffiti Pier is full of colorful graffiti. This is the place to go if you are looking for some edgier-style backgrounds with a vibrant pop. 

Note: this is a no-trespassing zone and although that doesn't stop a lot of people from coming here, if you are caught you can be fined. So if you'd like to visit here, get in touch with local authorities first. 

Callowhill Murals

Where: Various locations, Callowhill

Take a walk around Callowhill and you will find several inspiring murals that will not only make you feel good, but your followers are bound to love the feel-good vibes radiating off of these photos. 

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

Where: 1020 South St

If your feed is looking a little dull you can spice it up a bit by visiting the abstract and psychedelic Philadelphia Magic Gardens. There are some rules about photography here, know before you go and click this link.


The Navy Yard

Where: 4747 S Broad St #120

Industrial, historic, mysterious - the list to describe this awesome location goes on. There are over 20 miles of park-area here, so make this an all-day photo taking event.

Spruce Street Harbor Park

Where: 301 S Christopher Columbus Blvd

This park really comes to life during the warmer months of the year. Whether you choose to hang out on the hammocks or stroll along the river, you will definitely want to take advantage of the several photo op spots throughout this park.

Wow Philly

Where: Wearhouse on Watts

The Wow Philly warehouse has a few murals that are a must for all the #hippie Instagrammers out there. Not to mention, the brickwork adds a perfect contrast. 

Cira Green

Where: 80 S 30th St

You don't have to be this flexible to take some gnarly photos at this rooftop park. Cira Green is super cool because it's open seven days a week, it's located several stories high on the roof of a parking garage, the skyline views are immaculate, and it's a great place for unique photos.

Blue Cross RiverRink

Where: 101 S Christopher Columbus Blvd

Bring back the 80's in style. The Blue Cross RiverRink continues to be a hotspot for Instagrammers - and it's pretty clear why. The bright colors and carnival theme totally makes for a fun and eye-catching pic, sure to make all of your followers green with envy. 

Love Park

Where: Arch Street

Are you really in Philadelphia if you didn't take a photo at the giant LOVE sign? This romantic symbol is such an icon of the City that it would just be shameful to pass up the chance for a photo op. 

Longwood Gardens

Where: 1001 Longwood Rd

Nature is calling - and what better place to answer than at Longwood Gardens. The scenery here is absolutely breathtaking, making it a great spot for nature-themed photos. As an added bonus, there are cats who work here (yes, you read that right), furry little kitties who help keep garden pests away, and perhaps pose for a photo or two.

"Start From Here" Mural

Where: Church of Scientology Pennsylvania

Start From Here is another Instagram-worthy mural painted on the side of the Church of Scientology Pennsylvania's building. Don't let the location deter you, like most of the murals around the city this one has no religious affiliation or meaning. 

Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

Where: Lansdowne Dr & Horticultural Dr

What do blooming cherry blossom trees plus a cell phone equal?Excellent Instagram photos. The Shofuso Japanese House and Garden blissfully mix Japanese nature and culture together, creating a fabulous place to hang out and snap some pix.


Love Letter Murals

Where: Various locations, West Philadelphia

If you need to take some photos with bae - do it with some Love Letter Murals behind you. There are dozens of the Love Letter Murals scattered throughout West Philly, and not all of them are directed at lovers, so you can totally ditch bae if you want and take some dope photos on your own.

Elfreth's Alley 

Where: Elfreth's Alley

This patriotic and narrow street is the nation’s oldest continuously inhabited residential street - need I say more? It's obviously a cool spot for photos. 

Avenue of the Arts

Where: Avenue of the Arts and Broad Street

If you're feeling brave enough to walk across the busy street, the ground level cityscape views will surely wow your followers. 

Chinatown Friendship Gate

Where: 10th and Arch streets

No one needs to know you're not actually in Asia. The colors, the architecture, and the busy roadway all make the oriental Chinatown Friendship Gate a perfect spot to snap some edgy, urban photos. 

Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

Where: 6825-31 Norwitch Dr

Calling all car lovers! If you like posing with exotic cars then the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum is a place you will want to check out.


Swan Memorial Fountain

Where: Logan Square

Cool down, rest your feet and appreciate the view. From the magnificent statues to the clear blue water, the Swan Memorial Fountain should be on your list of places to post about. 

One Liberty Observation Deck

Where: 1650 Market Street

Skip this location if you're deathly afraid of heights. The observation tower is perhaps one of the best locations to take #travel photos at. I mean seriously, the views here are unmatched. Plus, you will do all of us Acrophobics a favor by allowing us to experience the views virtually.

Eastern State Penitentiary 

Where: 2027 Fairmount Ave

Looking for someplace to take industrial type photos? Look no further. The Eastern State Penitentiary is not only great for ghost hunting, the deteriorating interior makes for some authentically rustic pictures.

Rittenhouse Square Park

Where: 210 W Rittenhouse Square

Urban and nature mix perfectly at the Rittenhouse Square Park. Park benches, flower beds, and city views make for a seemingly endless choice of photo-op locations. 

Addison Street

Where: Addison Street

While you're in the Rittenhouse Square area, make it a point to pop over a few blocks to Addison Street and enjoy the all-year-around light display. It goes without saying but the best time to view the lights is at night. 

Rail Park

Where: 1300 Noble St

This trendy quarter-mile stretch park features oversized benches, unique architecture, and city views. Since opening in June of 2018, it can still get pretty packed during peak times, so try to visit early in the morning or during weekdays. 

Race Street Pier

Where: N Christopher Columbus Blvd

Nothing is more Instagram-worthy than water, a bridge, and a city skyline - and Race Street Pier has all of the above. I sense a meditation photo in your near future. 

The Rocky Statue 

Where:  The Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Cliche? Perhaps. Worth it? Absolutely. Everyone is obsessed with the Rocky statue in Philly - dedicated to the legendary Sylvester Stallone for his role in the film Rocky and commemorating the scene of him running on the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps.

Geno's Steaks

Where: 1219 S 9th St

This is another, "were you really in Philly if you didn't..." spot. For some reason, a fast food joint makes that list. Geno's is popular among locals and tourists alike - from the building's architecture to the food, Geno's attracts thousands of fans crazy about digitally eternalizing their visit here every year. 

Washington Ave. Green

Where: 36 Delaware River Trail

Located along the Delaware River, the pier’s spiral staircase offers a great chance to take some panoramic photos of the surrounding area - or of yourself. 

6ABC Zooballon

Where: 3400 W. Girard Avenue

Again, anyone with a fear of heights will probably want to skip this. This Philadelphia zoo attraction allows you to take the ride of a lifetime on their air balloon. While you're 400 feet up in the air and enjoying the views, make sure you're simultaneously snapping some epic selfies to share with the internet. 

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