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You Could Win $100 If You Eat A Massive 6 Pound Bowl Of Pho In BC

Clean your bowl, get a $100 gift card.

Few things are so delicious as a steaming hot bowl of pho. If you're in B.C., there's a pho challenge you have to try if you can't get enough of the Vietnamese noodle soup. At Pho Halong in Victoria, they're challenging you to finish a massive bowl that weighs six pounds as fast as you can for a chance at a $100 gift card.

There are a ton of crazy food challenges in Vancouver that should only be attempted by people with bottomless stomachs.

The Big Pho Challenge on Vancouver Island is perfect if you love the rich, flavourful beef broth-based dish. 

Each massive bowl of pho starts with the fragrant broth base, fresh noodles, steak strips, meatballs, cilantro, beansprouts, basil and onions.

This challenge is perfect for the winter months when the cold weather seems to increase one's appetite for giant bowls of soup.

Here's how the challenge works: it costs $25 to participate.

You'll then have 30 minutes to finish your pho, and the faster you eat, the better since you could claim a spot on their wall of fame. 

You're not allowed to leave the table or go for any bathroom breaks during the challenge.

If you manage to finish under the time limit and your bowl is spotlessly clean, then you're golden.

Winners will get their bowl of pho on the house which is nice because it's so big that it's valued at $40.

You'll also get a $100 gift card and obviously bragging rights for downing a giant bowl of pho.

One pro tip about pho: make sure you sip the broth first to see how delicious it is before you start adding all your extras like sriracha and hoisin sauce.

If you and your s/o love pho, then this is a great place to go on a date in Victoria.

Conlin McCabe is an Olympic medal-winning rower and he's got the top spot on their wall of fame.

He finished his six-pound bowl of pho in 6 minutes and forty-eight seconds. That's almost a pound of pho per minute. 

The challenge is available during lunch and dinner opening hours from Monday to Thursday.

If you're serious about trying to attempt this feat, then it's better to go early since they are only open to five entrants per day.

Tucked inside of a mall, this place is a hidden gem that locals in Victoria love

Big Pho Challenge at Pho Halong

Price: $25

When: Available Monday to Thursday

Address: Inside the Royal Oak Shopping Centre, 110-4480 W. Saanich Rd., Victoria BC

Why You Need To Go: Come hungry enough to devour 6 pounds of pho and you could walk away as a champion with a $100 gift card.

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