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20 Spooky Places In Arizona That You Need To Discover This Fall

Just make sure no spirits follow you home.
20 Spooky Places In Arizona That You Need To Discover This Fall

Arizona is known to all as "The Grand Canyon State." But it's so much more than that and that title does it kind of a disservice, to be honest. The state is so rich in history and each city has so many opportunities to explore. 

And fall is the perfect time to do it. We're well into fall now because the Halloween decorations are being sold left, right, and center. Pumpkin spice is now in everything you smell and touch. 

So why not get yourself ready for Halloween by amping up the spooky vibes? Arizona is home to plenty of scary attractions. Almost too many because you probably pass by a haunted building every single day and you don't even know it! 

So grab your friends — the bravest ones, of course — and head out to these destinations. If you've got a ghost detector lying around, bring that along too. And for goodness sake, do not bring an ouija board to play around with in one of these places. Unless you plan on starring in a real life horror movie. 

Copper Queen Hotel

Where: 11 Howell Ave, Bisbee

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Spend the night with bae... and ghosts. Nothing spells out romance quite like being terrified at night because of noises that can't be explained. Supposedly, 16 spirits roam the halls, but the most famous one is Julia Lowell. Staff and guests have reportedly heard her whisper and felt her presence most strongly on the second and third floors. So maybe request a room not on those floors. Or accept a room on those floors and try to record what you can. There has to be some validity to the reports if the hotel has been featured on Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters, right?


Hannagan Meadow Lodge

Where: 23150 US-191, Alpine

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Before you enter, look up into the window on the upper level. If you see a woman, you're not alone. She also hangs around at the top of the stairs too. She's supposed to be a former resident who just never left and continues to call the lodge her home. So while you are safe in the other cabins on the property, be careful when you enter the main lodge. Who knows, you might make a new friend there. Maybe introduce yourself and ask for her name because nobody knows who she is.


The Cathedral of Saint Augustine

Where: 192 S Stone Ave, Tucson

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Maybe The Nun isn't fictional after all. Anyone can see that the cathedral is a beautiful building on the outside and the inside. Tours are even available if you'd like to learn more about the history of the cathedral. On several different occasions, people have seen a faceless nun using the church doors and even levitating in the courtyard. But other than that, the photos taken here are gorgeous! Just make sure to check the photos after and see if you spot anything unusual in the background.


Morton Hall

Where: 224 Mc Mullen Cir, Flagstaff

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Residents are constantly changing here. Morton Hall is actually a student dormitory on the Northern Arizona University campus. Unfortunately, young and wide-eyed students have to deal with the spirit of Kathy, a former student. Kathy has been known to roam the hallways in her blue nightgown and residents have heard laughter in empty halls. Students can't relax anywhere since one had a paranormal experience in her own room! But it's still a popular residence hall, so who's to say? Maybe Kathy isn't too bad.


The Rosson House

Where: 113 N 6th St, Phoenix

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This historical house is still standing. Built in the 1890s, this museum gives a detailed history of Arizona through a guided tour. But you might get more than you bargained for when you visit here. Even though events like weddings happen here, there have been several reports of paranormal activity. Supposedly, a caretaker haunts the place and likes to play around with the staff there. Doors are mysteriously locked, people feel phantom heat coming from the fireplaces, and some have just spotted him around the place.


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The Palace Restaurant and Saloon

Where: 120 S Montezuma St, Prescott

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The oldest saloon in Arizona has to have a ghost or two for authenticity. This isn't your typical watering hole. When you walk through those swinging doors, there is a good chance that you'll run into a resident named Nevins. He likes to stir up trouble and make things fall for no reason just to scare the owner and the staff. It sounds like he's just bored and doesn't actually have any ill will toward anyone!


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The Superstition Mountains

Where: Apache Junction

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What do you expect with a name like that? This is a popular destination because it's so close to Phoenix, but do people realize what they're walking into? Legend has it that there's a mine there with more gold than you could ever imagine. It's never been found and many chalk it up to an urban legend, but who knows! Not only that, the Apache believed that someone in the mountains is a hole leading directly to hell. Well, that's a little unsettling.

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Dragoon Mountains 

Where: Wilcox

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How could such a breathtaking natural wonder be scary? Well, the residents of Wilcox supposedly have a hard time going to sleep at night. People have reported that they've heard a train in the distance, but there are no railway tracks in this part of the desert. Who knew ghosts needed to use a mode of transportation other than just showing up wherever they want to by hovering? Maybe you'll hear the train too if you're camping out in the mountains...

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The Fox Tucson Theatre

Where: 17 W Congress St, Tucson

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You've probably been here many times if you live in Tucson. This theatre holds events from concerts to musicals to stand-up comics all the time. These performers might be playing to more than just humans. There is a male spirit who likes to haunt the entrance of the theatre as a panhandler. And reportedly things get moved around, the lights flicker on and off, and weird noises come from inside the theatre all the time. How cool would it be if this was like The Phantom of the Opera, but IRL?


The Vulture Gold Mine

Where: 36610 355th Ave, Wickenburg

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The Vulture Mine is a ghost town. Literally. You can take a tour of the abandoned gold mine and city, but beware. It's definitely eerie. The deserted buildings are still standing and the famous Hanging Tree is still there. Reportedly, 18 men were hung from the tree for stealing gold. And now their spirits are running around. Apparently, there are cold spots all around the property and people have heard a creepy voice say, "Get out." So if you're still hanging around after you hear that phrase, well, that's on you. The spirit did try to warn you.


The Yuma Territorial Prison

Where: 220 Prison Hill Rd, Yuma

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It's kind of obvious who haunts the prison. But just because it's obvious doesn't mean it's any less frightening. The spirits of prisoners who never made it out can be felt when visiting. While that's scary enough, some visitors have supposedly been poked and touched by the ghost of a little girl who has ice cold fingers.

In the prison, there's also "The Dark Cell" where prisoners were kept if they were misbehaving. Two prisoners who were kept there reportedly left the cell and were immediately transferred to an insane asylum. You can visit that cell, but, um, do you want to?


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The Grand Canyon Caverns

Where: AZ-66, Peach Springs

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When you're deep below the surface, paranormal activity is inevitable. Visitors take an elevator to go down 210 feet below ground level to see one of the largest dry caverns in the country. You can even stay in a room overnight there! The most famous ghost to haunt the place is a man who sits perched at the top or bottom of the elevator shaft. He likes to open the doors at various times just because. People have heard random noises while exploring the caverns and overnight guests have even seen shadowy figures. But if you're brave enough to book a room and stay the night, that'll be an experience you'll never forget.


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The Bisbee Grand Hotel

Where: 61 Main St, Bisbee

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Don't let looks deceive you. The bed and breakfast looks like a cute place to stay for the night while you explore Bisbee. In addition to the themed rooms, there is a library, a bar, and a pool. But reportedly, some guests who stayed in the hotel when it was first built perished in a fire and their spirits scare the new guests.

If you're looking for the complete paranormal experience, Room 002 and Room 003 are supposed to be the most haunted. Guests have woken up to the sight of a woman at the end of the bed staring down at them. The hotel also allows guests to explore unoccupied rooms, so maybe you can take a peek in there!


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The Tubac Golf Resort & Spa

Where: 65 Avenida de Otero, Tubac

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You won't find the ghosts on the golf course, but you will see them in the resort. The resort even has a blogpost that states that there has been confirmed paranormal activity on the property. Visitors have experienced weird smells emenating throughout the bulding that can't be explained by staff. Couches and beds have been moved around on the guests with nobody able to understand why. But other than that, people seem to love staying here for a weekend. It might not be a paranormal-free weekend, but you can get some good golfing time in!


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The Pioneer Living History Museum

Where: 3901 W Pioneer Rd, Phoenix

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These buildings date back to the 18th century. It's just a rule at this point that anything old is haunted. There are costumed actors waiting to give you the history of Arizona, but not everything you see and hear is of this world. People have heard children's voices coming from the old schoolhouse and sometimes people feel suddenly freezing in random spots while visiting the museum during Arizona's hottest months.


The Oliver House

Where: 26 Sowles Ave, Bisbee

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There's something about the hotels in Bisbee. Unfortunately, this hotel is closed now, but you could still take a trip to go see the outside. The hotel has a gruesome history of mass murder. Staying true to rules, room #13 was supposed to be the most haunted room in the place. The creepiest things that guests reported happening was never being able to shake the feeling that they were being watched. Well, if that doesn't give you the chills, you might be a ghost yourself.

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Luana's Canyon

Where: Kingman

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Luana's Canyon is also called Slaughterhouse Canyon. So that's the level of spookiness we're dealing with here. Legend has it, a miner and his family lived there during the gold rush. He would frequently make trips to find water and food for his family, but one day he never made it back. The family was starving to death and the wife made the decision to end her life as well as their children. People who have stayed after sunset have heard wailing and screaming echoing in the canyon. Annndddddd, there goes your peaceful sleep. How can you not have nightmares after reading that?!

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London Bridge

Where: Lake Havasu City

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Anglophiles, this bridge is for you. Pft, who needs to go to England when you can just cross the London Bridge right here in Arizona? Ghost tours frequently stop here because suppsoedly a ghost couple walk on the bridge at night. You can spot them because they are wearing old-fashioned clothing.


Casey Moore's Oyster House

Where: 850 S Ash Ave, Tempe

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Fancy some oysters with a side of ghost antics? Over the years, the oyster bar has become famous for its ghosts. If you're lucky, you can maybe catch a cowboy floating around or hear laughter in an empty room. Of course, you could chalk it all up to being tipsy.


Mission San Xavier del Bac 

Where: 1950 W San Xavier Rd

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Many have witnessed a nun ushering five children into the church. They represent the children who sadly lost their lives in a fire that consumed the old schoolhouse on the property. So if you see the nun, feel good that she's trying to save the children! Not all ghost sightings have to be creepy or scary.


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