With the lift of certain restrictions in Arizona, many residents are preparing to get back to business as usual. However, Airbnb in Phoenix announced a ban on parties for both Phoenix guests and hosts on their properties. Though many of the city's businesses can reopen next week, these new regulations from the company have no set end date.

According to AZ Central, in a release on Monday, May 3, Airbnb stated: "Our new policy means we are not allowing any type of party in Phoenix until further notice."

They went on to say that "While Governor Ducey's revised executive order has opened some parts of the state up, he also made clear that social distancing remains in effect."

Arizona's stay-at-home order is set to expire on May 15, with businesses such as salons to fully reopen to the public on May 8.

Though new safety measures will be implemented, the lift of the ban brings with it new concerns over maintaining social distancing.

AZ Central reported that the company would be working alongside local law enforcement to ensure people abide by the new policies.

Parties will not be allowed "until further notice."

In April, the company announced on their website that they would be constructing a new cleaning initiative for hosts.

The new protocols would allow for both hosts and guests to feel more comfortable booking, thanks to the sanitizing measures outlined by Airbnb.

There will be instructions on everything from preferred cleaning products and techniques to in-depth guidelines for hosts to follow. The new protocols will align with CDC recommendations.

Between the new cleaning measures and the ban on parties, the company hopes to provide a safe environment for guests to book vacation rentals.

In a company-wide statement published on the Airbnb Newsroom site, CEO Brian Chesky said there were "two hard truths" facing the corporation.

"1. We don't know exactly when travel will return. 2. When travel does return, it will look different."

The new party ban is to ensure guests' safety and encourage bookings while practicing social distancing guidelines.

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