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You Can Get Mouth-Watering Stuffed Chimney Cakes At This Spot In Arizona

We are hungry for these Hungarian desserts.

We love a dessert that seems too good to be true. Super decadent, wildly huge, and incredibly yummy sweets are right up our alley. Arizona Chimney Cakes are the newest European dessert trend and after trying them it's easy to see why. If you like cinnamon rolls or churros, you're going to love these.

AZ Chimney Cakes is the only place in the state where you can try these delectable desserts. This shop started as a local food truck before establishing its very own shop opening in Mesa on March 28.

They post on their Instagram where you can find them next, otherwise, you'll have to wait until they open their new location to try one of these perfect pastries. 

Sort of like a stuffed cinnamon roll, chimney cakes are baked rotisserie-style into a cone shape, coated in cinnamon-sugar, and filled with your choice of custard, ice cream, Nutella, and pretty much anything else you can dream of.

Or make them savory with cheese instead of sugar on the outside and stuffed with a hot dog or other options. 

Each cake is hand-rolled and freshly baked to order, so you'll receive a warm and perfectly crispy treat every time. 

They start at $6 and include one filling. Other fillings and toppings cost between $.50 to $1.00 extra. 

AZ Chimney Cakes told Narcity that all of their equipment comes directly from Europe and they make them the traditional way so their chimney cakes are as authentic as possible. 

They do add a bit of their own flair with stuffed options like cookies and cream and their savory fillings.

These cones are exclusively desserts in Europe, but they work so well as a savory snack too. 

If you're a fan of churros, you'll be on board for one of these. 

They're traditionally known as Kürtőskalács. That's the Hungarian word for it.

Look at all that Oreo cream. 😍

We won't judge you if you get two. Promise. 

AZ Chimney Cakes 

Price: 💸

Address: Changes, check their Instagram

Why You Need To Go: Try these huge mouthwatering cinnamon sugar chimney cakes stuffed with whatever your heart desires!