Arizona's $20 Beer "Passport" Will Get You 1 Cent Ale At Pubs Around The Valley

Thank 'brew' very much. 😌
Arizona's Pub Pass Will Get You 1 Cent Beer At 20 Breweries In The Valley

There's nothing like a nice cold beer to end your day. With Arizona's pub pass, you'll be able to wind down with a 1 cent brew. We know, it's 'unbeerlievable,' but seriously it's such a deal. 

The 2020 Phoenix Pub Pass is like a little passport booklet that'll get you 1 cent beers at 20 breweries around the valley. After-tax, it'll only cost you $21.72.  

Some of the bars include First Draft Book Bar, The Casual Pint, QuartHaus, Scottsdale Beer Co, and more.

The pamphlet has a similar setup to a passport. Each participating bar will have its own page with a little bio. After you've had your beer there, you'll get a stamp. 

Wanna know the best part? The booklet can be used anytime throughout the year! So, if you want to take your time exploring the city's pub scene, you can.

Malts cost between $5 to $6 at most places but with this pass, you'll only be out a cent plus a tip. 

Some taprooms may only have select ales for you to choose from. 

These booklets are perfect if you and your BFFs love spending a night on the town sampling from the state's many taverns.

One hidden gem in the pass is the First Draft Book Bar. It's located inside an actual bookstore. You'll be able to read and drink.

Just think, you can get 20 beers for only $20. What a steal. 

If you're more of a wine connoisseur, you can also opt for a kayaking trip followed by wine. You'll cruise down the Verde River before reaching a winery. It's perfect if you want to surprise your boo or BFF for their birthday. 

Whether you're escaping the snow to enjoy the state's beautiful weather or are a local, this booklet is perfect for finding the valley's best bars. 

2020 Phoenix Pub Pass

Price: $21.72 

Why You Need To Go: Surprise your boo with a 1 cent beer. You can use it anytime throughout 2020. 


We strongly advise that you drink responsibly. If you do plan on drinking, make arrangements to arrive home safely. 

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