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This Local Phoenix Distillery Is Making Hand Sanitizer From Their Alcohol

You can grab some of their booze while you're stocking up on sanitizer, too.
Blue Clover Distillery In Scottsdale Is Using Their Equipment To Make Hand Sanitizer

As stores everywhere struggle to keep cleaning supplies available, some people are joining the cause by using their resources to mitigate the shortage. Blue Clover Distillery in Scottsdale started making hand sanitizer yesterday and expects the first batch to be ready within the next few days. Move over, craft cocktails, it's time for craft cleaning supplies to shine. 

Blue Clover Distillery is the city's first-ever distillery. They're taking that commitment one step further by using their spirits and high-proof alcohol to create hand sanitizer for the community. 

The business was built from the ground-up (literally, the owners did the construction themselves) and it's clear that this group of friends-slash-coowners takes pride in their hands-on approach in business. 

Once the regulatory issues surrounding the ability of distilleries to create cleaning products were waived on Wednesday until June 30, Blue Clover got to work immediately figuring out how to create sanitizer. 

Weston Holm, one of the owners, explained in an interview that they already had the equipment and materials necessary. The alcohol used to create the sanitizer is produced during the first steps of vodka distillation. 

They haven't set a price on the bottles yet, but you can buy one of their eight-ounce containers or bring your own to fill with sanitizer. 

They're soaking lavender in the alcohol and adding a moisturizer to give their sanitizer a pleasant fragrance and prevent it from being too drying. 

Their traditionally-made spirits are still available for carryout purchase if you want to grab a bottle or two while you're there. 

The kitchen is open for takeout orders as well, so you can grab some flatbreads or one of their egg and bacon grilled cheese sandwiches to-go. 

Just because you can't dine in doesn't mean you can't still enjoy your favorite foods. Besides, how can anyone resist getting one of their flatbreads? Just look at it. 

Blue Clover Distillery 

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: American

Address: 7042 E. Indian School Rd., Scottsdale, AZ

Why You Need To Go: Head to this Scottsdale distillery to stock up on hand sanitizer, craft spirits, and some yummy flatbreads all in one place. 


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