There's nothing worse than planning a wine night and realizing you have no wine or starting one and running out of booze much too soon. It can be such a hassle to make a run to the store. This company specializes in booze delivery in Metro Phoenix. They'll have it to you in under two hours, too. 

Lucky's Liquor will deliver any alcohol straight to your door, all you have to do is meet the minimum order amount (usually around $40 depending on your zip code).

Delivery costs $4.95 and takes between 30 - 60 minutes depending on your location. Their average delivery time is 36 minutes

Need some whiskey for a solo St. Patty's day party? They've got you. Want to celebrate wine Wednesday with your cat? No judgment. 

They have a huge selection of wines, beers, liquors, and even non-alcoholic drinks if you want mixers or something else to wash it down. 

There's also a tab on their website for local products made in Arizona, so you can search for your favorite craft beer or local wine

They step up the game even more by offering limes and lemons for garnishes (Mojitos have entered the chat) and other snack foods like chips, nuts, and crackers. 

If you need a bottle opener, some plastic cups, or a jar of olives to complete your party, they've got that too. Basically they'll bring anything you need to have a party, you just have to provide the atmosphere. 

Treat yourself to a night in and don't worry about braving the liquor store, just get whatever you need, delivered straight to you. 

We're pretty sure you won't have a hard time meeting the minimum order requirement. 

Netflix and chill[ed rosé] anyone? 

Why go out when you can stay in your pajamas and get all your party supplies delivered to your door? 

When you're staying in, you can drink beer out of a unicorn coffee mug and nobody can comment. Except maybe your cat, but we're pretty sure they'll be on board too. 

Lucky's Liquor

Price: $4.95 

Why You Need It: Get any booze you want, delivered to your door in a half-hour!