Candytopia is coming to Phoenix, allowing you to live out your Candyland dreams. This interactive art installation is the closest you'll ever get to visiting Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory — there's even a giant pit of marshmallows you can dive into (but please, don't eat any). Candytopia in Phoenix features a huge variety of confectionary creations, all expertly and artfully created.

Sculptures, exhibits, images, and other mediums are all explored with candy. Jellybeans, gummies, marshmallows, and tons of other candies are used for the creation and decoration of the pieces. Pretty sweet, right? 

Thankfully, they don't keep you drooling while you stare at delicious candyfloss art: there are samples of candy that are handed out as you make your way through the different rooms. These include bags of gummy bears and chocolate truffles. Yes, please! 

If you'd rather save room for a super fun snack, this nearby place dishes up ice cream served in bubble cones. 

Candytopia though is an explosion of color and activity, full of exhibits where you can experience a sugar rush and release your inner child.

Check out the Jelly Bean Mona Lisa, a candied Willy Wonka, and even a sweet Snoop Dogg makes an appearance. 

Plus, there are tons of sculptures made entirely out of candy. It's tough not to wonder how much candy was consumed in the making of these awesome art pieces. 

There are more than a dozen vibrant environments to explore, including a candy aquarium, the marshmallow tsunami, and even a room where unicorn pigs drop confetti on you.

Umm say what? Trust us on the unicorn pigs, they're pretty awesome. 

This whimsical art exhibit is the product of John Goodman, Zac Hartog, and Jackie Sorkin. Goodman handled the retail end, Hartog controlled fabrication of the displays, and Hollywood Candy Queen Sorkin was responsible for the tasteful curation of Candytopia.   

The Candytopia installation is available to visit in Scottsdale now, Thursdays through Mondays. All tickets must be purchased in advance as you cannot buy tickets at the door. 

Pack your sweet tooth and prepare to live out your childhood fantasies of traveling to a place where everything is made of candy. We get it if you never want to leave. If you didn't quite get your sweet fix, swing over here for a unicorn milkshake with alllll the sprinkles. 

Candytopia in Phoenix

Price: $28 per adult

When: February 6 - February 23 *Extended through March 22

Address: 15147 N. Scottsdale Rd. Suite 180Scottsdale, AZ

Why You Need To Go: You can swim in a sea of marshmallows, what more could anyone wish for? 


*This article has been updated