Have you ever wanted to treat yourself to a much-needed spa day? Whether you want to go to relax, wind down or have a calm day out, a little TLC goes a long way. Out of all the Groupon deals in Arizona, this particular one offers you the chance to check out a float tank spa at a discounted price.

Floatology in Tempe is one of the only float tank spas in the state and it's rapidly becoming popular. Studies have shown its benefits can include stress relief, spinal alignment, migraine reduction, and an increase in "happy hormones." Plus, there are other awesome perks too.

This Groupon deal offers users a one-hour session at Floatology for only $39. The standard price for an hour is $45.

You'll be saving a little over 13% with this deal, plus it's a great way to try something new without paying a ton of money

Who doesn't love some TLC? 

The concept of a float tank is essentially a calming soak in a full-sized private room. The lights are dimmed and you can choose to have complete silence or calming music during your session. 

The tanks will be full of warm (not hot) water and high levels of potent Epsom salts.

These types of salts are known to provide relief of muscle soreness, and the floating itself is great for relaxation, joint pain, and stress. 

We imagine it's like the most relaxing bath you've ever taken, and then some. 

Just be sure to redeem your deal within 120 days as the promotional value expires after that. You'll even have the option to buy an additional session as a gift.

Is it okay to gift yourself? 

You can choose if you want the lights on a certain color or if you want them to cycle through hues for an epic light-show effect. 

The facility provides everything you need to shower before and after your session. All you'll need is your bathing suit. 

We're firm believers in self-love, and what better way to treat yourself than a day at the spa? 

Floatology One-Hour Session

Original Price: $45+

Sale Price: $39

Why You Need To Go: Immerse yourself in this meditative and relaxing float tank and experience all the awesome benefits! 

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