This New Ice Cream Shop In Arizona Sells Waffle Cones Shaped Like Fish

This is one trend that we're hooked on.
Ice Cream Shop Near Phoenix Sells Cones Shaped Like Fish

Have you ever had ice cream on top of a waffle? Amazing, right? Well, this dessert shop does just that, but their perfectly crunchy waffle cones are shaped like a sea creature. Trust us, it's not as weird as it sounds. This ice cream shop near Phoenix serves up ice cream in fish cones. 

You can opt for the shaped cone (called taiyaki), a regular cone or bowl in different flavors such as red velvet, charcoal or a bubble waffle. 

A fish or flavored cone is $5.50 while a decor cone is $4.50. All toppings and ice cream are included in the price. If you just want a filled taiyaki, they're $1.50 each. 

Add custard, Nutella or other fillings and it'll be made fresh to order. 

Once you've got your yummy waffle in hand it's time to add some ice cream. They have traditional chocolate or milk (similar to vanilla) flavors or they have mango and taro, a sweet purple potato (we promise it doesn't taste like a potato though). 

You can try a sample if you're unsure of which flavor you'd like or get a swirl of two flavors if you can't make up your mind (let's face it, when you've got four fun options it's hard to pick just one). 

From there you can add syrup, pocky (Japanese chocolate-covered cookie sticks), sprinkles and tons of other fun toppings. You can even get a marshmallow cereal bar around your cone. 

On top of serving up adorable and amazing ice cream, they also make famous cotton cheesecake, which is probably the fluffiest cheesecake you'll ever have.

It's like angel food cake and cheesecake had a love child and ohmygod it's good. You can taste it for yourself for $2.25.

As if we needed another reason to be obsessed with this place, they also make strawberry lattes that are to die for. They're Teaspressa-level yummy.

Was anyone else obsessed with strawberry milk as a kid? Was that just me? 

They make all their fish waffles on-site, so they're served hot and crispy. 

*If this ice cream has you craving delicious food, check out this nearby grocery store. After trying this dessert, it's easy to "sea" why it's becoming so popular! 

Dessert In Desert 

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Dessert

Address:18511 N. Scottsdale Rd. #105, Scottsdale, AZ

Why You Should Go: Treat yourself to some exotic ice cream in a delicious freshly made cone. 


*This article has been updated. 

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