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You Can Get Drive-Thru Margaritas In Actual Patron Bottles In Arizona

We will take a margarita and a side of tacos to go, please.
You Can Get Drive-Thru Margaritas In Actual Patron Bottles In Arizona

Drive-thrus have always made our favorite foods easily accessible for pick up, but now you can get your cocktails on the go too. Los Sombreros in Scottsdale is selling margaritas at their drive-thru, so you can grab and go! Your favorite Mexican treats are readily available to make every night feel like Taco Tuesday.

Los Sombreros restaurant is home to tasty Mexican cuisine and is known for its famous Steve-A-Ritas. After closing to the public for a week, they have reopened with a new drive-thru option.

You can swing by their Scottsdale location and grab either a single serving of their legendary Steve-A-Rita or a four-serving option to make sure you are fully stocked.

The $10 single 'ritas come sealed in a to-go cup, while an order of four margs comes in a resealed patron bottle for $35. If the packaging doesn't sell you, the made-from-scratch cocktail mix will.

Owner Adam Rivera told Narcity they make their delicious mix from fresh ingredients in-house. If you haven't tried one, now is your chance to get hooked.

They also offer a family-style takeout menu alongside their regular items. You can get a selection of their delicious foods packaged as one to make dining in with your friends or family even easier.

If you crave Mexican food as often as we do, you can even buy grocery style take away like a dozen vegan or chicken enchiladas to enjoy throughout the week.

Delivery and curbside pickup are available and the restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

Grabbing a margarita at the drive-thru sounds like the new way to prepare for a fiesta with a few good friends. Just wait until you get home to enjoy responsibly!

Los Sombreros

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: 2534 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, AZ

Why You Need To Go: You can grab margs to go right from the drive-thru for the ultimate fiesta at home.

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