Good news is something we all need right now, and the fact that animal shelters like this one in Phoenix are emptying qualifies as GREAT news. Lost Our Home Pet Rescue in Arizona has almost run out of pets due to the influx of people looking to foster. Fostering a pet can help with loneliness, especially during these long times at home.

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue, located in Tempe, Arizona, wanted to help both people and animals who are at home.

On March 13, 2020, the rescue created social media posts to generate help from their foster community and those in the Phoenix area.

According to Communications Manager Josie Gaieck, they have helped foster around 200 pets in the last couple of months, with many of the applications coming in as a response to the social media push.

A volunteer from the rescue explained to Narcity that the more pets that can go to fosters during this time, the more they can take in other pets for people who need a little extra help.

Though a few animals remain in the shelter due to medical issues that require extra care, the staff is taking significant measures to look after them. Currently, there's a waitlist for those who want to foster a pet due to increased demand.

They also have a temporary care program that offers you a 90-day care option if they are unable to look after their animals due to illness or other hardships.

Some people have even chosen to adopt their foster pets after bringing them home.

"People normally wouldn't adopt, but the time is right [with so many people working from home]," Josie Gaieck told Narcity when asked if they expected a lot of adoptions to come out of the foster program.

Fostering is free, though they do rely heavily on donations as they provide people with everything from food, bowls, and beds to vaccinations and medical expenses.

Just these past two weeks, they've had three people fall in love with their new furry companions. All of whom signed the papers to adopt them!

The rescue is hoping to see more of their fosters get adopted in the coming weeks.

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue

Price: Free to foster

Address: 2323 S. Hardy Dr., Tempe, AZ

Why You Need To Go: This incredible shelter is helping animals find a loving home through an excellent foster program that will hopefully turn in to a fur-ever place to stay.