This Arizona Aquarium Has Live Cams So You Can Go Under The Sea At Home

We can't wait to 'sea' some creatures up-close. 🐠🐟
Odysea Aquarium's Underwater Live Cams Bring The Deep Blue Sea To You

Have you ever wanted to go under the sea like your favorite Disney princess Ariel? Well, you can, with the Odysea Aquarium's underwater live cams. Prepare to be transported to "A Whole New World." Okay, that's it for the Disney puns. 

Despite the aquarium's temporary closure, they've decided to bring the sea to you with their new aquatic live cams. With 6,000 animals and 300 species, these live streams will let you get a glimpse of life in the deep blue sea. 

If you're tired of rewatching your favorite Netflix show, why not opt for some submerged fun instead? You'll have the option to watch three different cams: deep ocean, shark, and a sea lion one.  

While watching the deep ocean live cam, you'll see a variety of creatures, including stingrays, an assortment of fish, and white tip reef sharks. It's so calming to watch them swim around in the clear, blue water

If you've always wanted to glimpse what's it's like as a sea lion, the live stream of them gliding around playfully in the water will make you want to go for a swim. 

The spotted eagle stingray will frequently come into frame in the deep sea cam, and according to The Odysea Aquarium, they are on average nine feet wide and reach up to 16 feet long when you include their tail!

If you prefer the excitement of watching sharks, their tank has an eerie yet mystical glow. Some of them brush up to the camera so tightly that it feels like you're in the tub.

No matter which video you tune into, you'll get to explore the mysteries of the sea.

Watching these sea creatures is so relaxing, and it's a great way to visit wildlife from home. 

If you follow the aquarium's Instagram page, you can see other videos of animals too. If you've got time to kill, watching these live streams of "sofishticated" sea creatures is the way to go. 

Odysea Aquarium Live Cams

Price: Free

Why you need to go: You can see what life is like under the sea at home. 


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