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A Breathtaking Meteor Shower Will Light Up Arizona Skies Tonight

Don't forget a jacket, it'll get chilly tonight.
A Breathtaking Meteor Shower Will Light Up Arizona Skies Tonight

For those of us living in Arizona, starry nights are a big deal. Well, tonight we'll get to see something spectacular. Orionids Meteor Shower over Arizona will be on display tonight and with a clear forecast, you'll get some unparalleled views. It's nature's own playground!

The Orionids meteors are remnants from Halley's Comet. Since Halley's Comet doesn't intersect the Earth, tonight's meteor showers are actually from years ago. How neat is that? Light takes a long time to travel and what you will see happened super far away!

According to the American Meteor Society, the Orionids shower will have maximum activity on October 22 and will continue for a few nights. Thankfully for those of us in Phoenix, the weather forecast says that there will be clear skies. 

The clear skies in Phoenix, Arizona mean you'll get some of the best views. Phoenicians can expect clear and sunny days over the course of the week. Although it's expected to be sunny and warm during the day, there are low temps of 60 degrees Farenheight and below at night. 

Some people in other parts of the country are already scoping out some of the best places to watch the meteor shower. In this Reddit post, you can see that in some parts of Alabama people are unsure of where to go. 

Unfortunately, it's possible that some major US cities will have a hard time viewing the showers due to cloudy weather. Minneapolis, Minnesota for most of the week will experience cloudy weather, rain, and scattered showers. 

Salt Lake City, Utah, will experience cloudy weather into today and mostly sunny days through the rest of the week. Since the meteors will be present over the course of the next few days, it's okay if you miss them tonight, as it's possible you can see them tomorrow too.

If you're unsure of where to go to get the best views around for viewing the meteor shower, you should follow these steps below. 

  • Camp out somewhere dark where the sky is very present (the fewer trees the better)
  • Avoid being near the city because of light pollution
  • Come prepared with a camera, telescope or binoculars
  • Midnight is one of the best times to see the showers

You should bring friends along too. Everything is better with good company around. 

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