You may have seen it cruising down the streets of Tucson or on the freeway, but if not, you'll wish you had. 

Louie Gonzalez's SpongeBob and Patrick car has earned him the title of a being a local celebrity!

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Do you dream of going on a road trip where every item is crossed off your list, and every detail is perfectly planned? Before moving across the globe, one girl and her boyfriend prepared the best Utah to Arizona road trip. So much so that the itinerary went viral after posting it to Facebook!

In an interview with Narcity, Allie Wessel, a 28-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida, told us why they planned this epic adventure.

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By now you've probably binged Netflix's' You seasons 1 and 2We totally have and tbh, we can't wait for more episodes to come out. Over the weekend, the star of the show Penn Badgley was at ASU In Arizona and gave us major fangirl vibes. While some fortunate souls were able to see the star, others weren't as lucky.

On Saturday, January 25, the 33-year-old actor spoke at Arizona State University on "A Dialogue on Social Issues and Hollywood." 

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