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This 2-Mile Waterfall Hike Is Only A Short Road Trip Away From Phoenix

You can bring your pet along for the fun too.

With cooler weather on the horizon, it's a great idea to take advantage of the chilly mornings in the desert. If you're stumped on a road trip idea away from Phoenix, we have the perfect one. This short waterfall hike in Arizona will reward you with gorgeous canyon views and sometimes, a flowing waterfall.

The Tanque Verde Falls hike is a short, easy to moderate hike near Tucson, Arizona. It's available to hike year-round, but it's recommended to plan ahead if you want to hike there during the summer. There's also no fee.

It's best to hike here from March through October when the falls are flowing and if your pals aren't available for a trip, you can bring your pet along. They'll enjoy the cool water when you reach the top of the waterfall.

As you begin the hike, it's possible to see some water flowing down the canyon. If there is some, the waterfall is likely to be flowing. 

You'll have to hike up the river bed, cross over boulders, swimming holes, and smaller waterfalls. It's like an epic Indiana Jone's adventure. Who knows, maybe you'll find a crystal skull laying around.

The main waterfall is 80-feet long. It's truly amazing when it's flowing. Just be sure to bring proper shoes as the rocks are slippery when wet. 

Since there isn't much shade along the trail, you can wear that hat that's been sitting in your closet. It'll help keep you cool. For an epic road trip, you can also pack a picnic.

Although it's fall, the desert is still very hot during the day. It's best to plan a morning hike here when the air is crisp and cool.

If you're looking for another short road trip away from Phoenix, you can travel north to Payson. You can dig for your crystals there too. It's a great outdoor trip idea with friends. 

Tanque Verde Falls Trail

Fee: Free

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Length: Approximately 2-miles roundtrip

Address: Tanque Verde Falls, Pima, Arizona 85748

Why You Need To Go: There might be some water left for you and your pet to enjoy. It might dry up soon and it's the perfect road-trip away from Phoenix. 


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