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Two Phoenix Men Are Hoping To Find Love On This Season Of The Bachelorette

We're rooting for these two Valley residents to find love.
The Bachelorette Upcoming Season Has Two Phoenix Residents Competing To Find Love

After this past season of The Bachelor, we are ready for some more seasons of love. The newest Bachelorette, Clare Crawley, is ready to find some hot romance and two of the contestants for The Bachelorette upcoming season are from Phoenix. Hopefully, they're ready to bring the desert heat to win Clare's heart.

This past season of The Bachelor, the average of contestants (25) was notably lower than in past seasons, with seven of them being 23. This season is bringing in some older men in their late 20s to late 30s. Filming is postponed, for the time being, we will update this article when it resumes. 

There's even one 42-year-old contestant! As wild as it sounds, Clare is 39, so the age difference is far from extreme. The youngest contestant on this season is 26.

Two men from The Valley are ready to fight for their potential wife and they are easy on the eyes. 

Our local gentlemen competing for Clare Crawley's heart are 30-year-old Blake M. from Phoenix and 26-year-old Demar J. from Scottsdale

Blake M. started and owns his own all-natural, cruelty-free line of grooming products based within Phoenix: Statum Style. We love an entrepreneurial king. He was a pro baseball player for a short time, but he's gone full-on businessman now.

Demar J. is a spin instructor at The Madison and seems like he's in great shape to take on this challenge (even if he is on the younger side). This upbeat guy seems like he's always ready for anything based on his energetic Instagram profile. 

Um, hey Blake. 😍 We love a guy who is passionate about good hair. 

Both men seem to be big into fitness, something that Crawley (who posts a lot of hiking and yoga on her IG) will hopefully enjoy. 

It looks like Demar is already familiarizing himself with holding onto roses. We love the confidence. 

With any luck, he'll spin his way into a future with Clare. 

We're not saying you have to choose sides, but at least root for one of our local contestants as they vie for Clare's heart. 

Good luck gentlemen!  

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