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This Ice Cream Shop In Phoenix Serves Magical Unicorn Milkshakes And Fresh Gelato

Sometimes we get a sweet tooth that just doesn't go away. Thankfully, this ice cream shop in Phoenix dishes out some of the sweetest treats like unicorn milkshakes and freshly made gelato. This insane sugary dessert is perfect for those hot summer days. 

Splurge Ice Cream & Candy Shop is located next to Luci's at The Orchard in Phoenix, AZ with weekly hours of 11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. This ice cream parlor also serves super fresh homemade gelato with flavors like bohemian raspberry, and chocolate brownie.

If you're craving a classic dessert treat you can purchase their Not Your Father's Root Beer Float. It's even made with homemade gelato! You can even get your gelato in a bowl, waffle cone, or cake cone with gluten-free options available too. 

While you're indulging in your sweet treat you can stroll through the serene orchard and garden nearby. 

One charming dessert treat you can get is the Unicorn Milkshake. It's made with bubblegum ice cream and topped with sweet swirl lollipops, cotton candy, and a mini cone. They even add vanilla frosting and sprinkles around the cup!

This magical shake only costs $10.99, and you can get it all year long. If you think this might be too sweet for your sugar cravings, you can opt for a shake that's both sweet n' salty.

The new Sweet & Salty shake is made with caramel, chocolate, and peanut butter! It's perfect for the chocolate lover in you because it's also topped with whipped cream, M & M's, Reese Butter Cups, chocolate sprinkles and a pretzel stick. 

Regular milkshakes here will cost you about $6.61 after tax and a scoop of gelato is $3.50 with extra scoops only 50 cents each. 

They also have a wide selection of candy to choose from. Some all-time favorites have made their debut here, some include Sugar Daddy, Laffy Taffy, and Candy Cigarettes! 

The shop's decor is just as sweet as the treats they serve. Pink, blue, and yellow are some of the colors that make this store a vintage dessert paradise.  

Splurge Ice Cream & Candy Shop

Price: 💸💸

Location: 7100 N 12th St building 2, Phoenix, AZ 85020

Cuisine: Ice cream, gelato, candy, milkshakes and more!

Why you should go: You can order a magical Unicorn Milkshake topped with cotton candy. It's the perfect dessert for your sweet tooth cravings.


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