'Tiger King' Cookies Are Being Sold At This Cute Arizona Bakery (PHOTOS)

It's pawsitively cool.
Tiger King Dessert Kits Are Being Sold At Sweet Dee's Bakeshop In Scottsdale

"Hey, all you cool cats and kittens." If you're following the Tiger King and Carol Baskin conspiracy theories, you should consider munching on themed treats in the process. This Phoenix bakery is dishing out some 'roarsome' desserts that pay homage to the popular Netflix documentary.

Sweet Dee's Bakeshop in Scottsdale, created an epic Tiger King Kit for those who've watched the show multiple times. With two tiger macarons, two chocolate-dipped pretzels, popcorn kernels, glitter chocolate bark, four novelty sugar cookies, and four pink marshmallows, this box is the ultimate treat for your sweet tooth fix.

You can order yours for $45 and opt for pickup or curbside delivery. Orders placed April 6, 2020, will be available for pickup on Tuesday, April 7, 2020. 

Just be sure to snag some before they're gone as they're here for a limited time. 

Some of the novelty cookies are some of the best we've seen. While you're watching the show, why not munch on a Joe Exotic cookie? The yellow frosting looks precisely like his signature mullet.

Or, have a taste of the chocolate-filled tiger macarons. They look 'pawsitively' delicious.

However, Joe Exotic isn't the only person to get a cookie designed after them. 

Carol Baskin's most famous quote, "Hey, all you cool cats and kittens," appears on a sugar cookie too.

You'll also find a crown and cowboy shaped treat adorned with the sayings "Tiger King" and "Here Kitty Kitty." 

While indulging in them, you might ponder as to who don' it? 

On the menu, you'll find other kits for your stay-at-home Netflix marathons too. 

Their $50 Dessert and Wine Survival kit include all the essentials you need for a vino tasting at home.

You'll get three delicious desserts: Croissant and Peach Dulce De Leche Bread Pudding, Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake, and a Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake, plus, wine tasting cards and a virtual wine tasting. 

If you're new to the wild documentary about Joe Exotic and others, this themed kit is the ultimate treat for all of your big cat watching needs. 

Sweet Dee's Bakeshop Tiger King Kits

Price: $45

Address: 7350 East Stetson Drive, Suite C101, Scottsdale, AZ

Why you need to go:


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