BC Newspaper’s “Pictures With Satan” Fail Gets Made Fun Of On Late Night TV (VIDEO)

Just when they thought the internet forgot about their hilarious typo.
BC Newspaper’s “Pictures With Satan” Fail Gets Made Fun Of On Late Night TV (VIDEO)

You've probably seen it by now. That infamous "Pictures with Satan" typo in a local British Columbia newspaper called the Comox Valley Record. The Record has since apologized for their mistake and all has been forgiven, but not before the ad made its rounds on Reddit, Twitter and now, late-night TV.

For those of you who don't know, the ad in question was for a local Christmas parade in Courtenay, B.C. on Vancouver Island. In it, were a few highlights of things to do at this year's event, including photos with Santa.

Unfortunately, the ad got Santa mixed up with another man in red. Journalist Nicholas Pescod was the first to share a photo of the typo on Twitter, followed by a now-viral post on Vancouver's Reddit page.

Just when The Record probably thought that their blunder had been forgotten, Seth Meyers got word of it and decided to incorporate it into his monologue on the November 27 edition of Late Night With Seth Meyers.

"A newspaper in Canada ran a Christmas ad this week that misspelled Santa's name as Satan," he began. “Weird, that’s so weird. ‘The same thing happened to me at Starbucks,’ said Kellyanne Conway."

The punchline was accompanied by a graphic of a Starbucks cup with "Satan" written on it.

Downtown Courtenay BIA told Narcity at the time that they were "just as surprised as anyone else" by the "unfortunate" mistake. They hadn't proofed or even created it, but they were understanding.

"These things happen and we are happy that everyone knows when the parade is this year,” they said.

The Record issued a lengthy statement about the ad. "Photos of the ad were being shared far and wide on social media, with the newspaper rightfully being called out for its lack of attention to detail," it said.

"We sincerely apologize – to the clients affected, as well as to any readers offended by the mistake."

One thing this ad did successfully, though, was give the Courtenay Christmas Parade an unprecedented amount of publicity. The Record made sure to point that out.

"On the bright side, everyone in the Comox Valley and beyond knows when the Courtenay Christmas parade is… and the Captain Thunderpants concert should be a complete sell-out. So there’s that."

If this tells us anything, it's that the internet has the power to transform a single typo in a local paper into a late-night TV punchline. 

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