16 Pics Of Justin Trudeau’s Wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau That Show Her Unique Fashion

From formal to casual and everything in between.
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16 Pics Of Justin Trudeau’s Wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau That Show Her Unique Fashion

Being married to the Prime Minister means constantly being in the spotlight, even when during everyday things like taking your kids to school. So there are always pics of Justin Trudeau’s wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. And we've got 16 that show just how great her fashion sense is. 

Whether it's rocking formal gowns or ripped jeans, Grégoire Trudeau always looks stylish when she's out and about doing all the things that she does. 

According to the BBC, Grégoire Trudeau's fashion consultant is Jessica Mulroney who is famously good friends with the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. 

Grégoire Trudeau always has impeccable style but she really brings her A-game when it comes to political events and visits she attends with Trudeau. 

Her sense of style is also present even when she's not on highly publicized visits to other countries and meeting world leaders. 

She rocks tailored suits, leather jackets and bright colours at her own speaking engagements or her husband's and during photoshoots. 

But it's not always high fashion with Grégoire Trudeau. She wears ripped jeans and t-shirts just like the rest of us. Though we don't usually have photographers taking our pictures when we wear that but it's more or less the same.

And, as Canadians as ever, she even makes winter jackets stylish. 

Though she probably gets a lot of direction from stylists and fashion consultants, Grégoire Trudeau's individual style is unique and varied. 

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