If you’re looking for a quick but epic hike then we've got you covered. A short three-kilometre summit hike in B.C. gives you the best views of wine country. Pincushion mountain in Peachland is the perfect hike to do if you are up for a challenge but are in a time crunch. Trust us, the bird's-eye view from the top is worth the sweat. 

B.C. is known for having some of the best wineries in Canada

Not only is the vino beautiful, but the views of the vineyards are beyond breathtaking. 

You have probably stumbled across some vineyard pictures on your Instagram but arguably the best views of these rolling hills are from above. 

Pincushion hike in Peachland is the spot if you want to see everything all at once. 

The wonderful part about this trail is that it’s not long at all. The short three-kilometre hike can be done quickly which means that you don’t have to spend all day walking in the Okanagan heat. 

Situated just a short 24-minute drive from downtown Kelowna, getting to the hike is beautiful, too.

During your drive there, you will be travelling along the iconic Okanagan Lake that is so big it makes you feel like you’re by the ocean. 

The trail is easy to get to and you can type in the location right on Google Maps. 

The hike itself is really popular and it's considered moderate. There are some steep sections and loose gravel in parts so a good pair of shoes is encouraged. 

Once you get to the top you will be treated to legitimately iconic views and a Canadian flag. It’s the perfect spot to take a picture to show everyone exactly what you conquered. 

After that, shift your attention to the views down below. From the top, you will be able to see vineyards, mountains, massive houses, and Okanagan Lake. 

The hike should only take you about an hour or so to complete.

If you enjoy the view and want to stay longer, take a picnic. Just remember to clean up after yourself as the trail is frequented by wildlife and dogs.  

The best time of year to go is during the summer months when the snowpack has melted off. Other parts of the year can be pretty slippery. 

When you’re done the hike, drive by some of the local wineries or hit up one of the many beaches in the area. A dip in the lake will be the perfect way to cool off.  

Pincushion Mountain Trail 

Address: 4639 Ponderosa Dr., Peachland, BC

Why You Need To Go: It's the best way to get in your daily steps and cardio without having to commit to a day-long adventure. 

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