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The Debate Is Settled, BC Residents Officially Share Their Views On Pineapple Pizza

76% of BC residents agree pineapple on pizza is the way to go.
The Debate Is Settled, BC Residents Officially Share Their Views On Pineapple Pizza

A massive, very important debate has been sweeping the nation recently. After years of enjoying ham and pineapple pizza, also known as Hawaiian pizza, people are speaking up. These pizza vigilantes are saying that pineapple does not, in fact, have any business on pizza. Others are lashing back on the behalf of the tropical topping, telling these nay-sayers that they are wrong. Well, the debate has finally been laid to rest. A recent poll has concluded that 76% of B.C. residents are in favour of pineapple on pizza.

While the debate has been ongoing for years, it seems as if those in B.C. aren't opposed to enjoying the yellow fruit on their cheesy pizza. However, it's not just those from B.C. who also admit that they like the controversial topping. 

A poll done by Research Co. concluded that 66% of Canadians nation-wide agree that they would “definitely” or “probably” eat pineapple on pizza. At the lower end of the spectrum, only 57% of Quebec residents are cool with pineapple on pizza, yet, this is still more than half of the population agreeing that the topping isn't as bad as many would think. 

While pineapple on pizza seems to be the unanswered question of the decade, the poll also answered a bunch of other food-related questions that often leave Canadians stumped.

The poll asked Canadians what they thought about poutine, plant-based burgers, ketchup on steak, prairie oysters, and shark fin soup. All the unanswered questions of the world in one place. Here are some of the findings.

As it turns out, young Canadians are more likely to eat plant-based burger patties which isn't that surprising considering the latest fad of Beyond Meat patties.

Canadian men are more likely to eat steak with ketchup than Canadian women. 26% of Canadians would eat prairie oysters (if you don’t know what that is, you’re probably better off), and 20% would eat shark fin soup.

Last but not least, 79% of Canadians said they would eat poutine. As for the other 21%... are you okay?

Results are in, debates have been settled, and we can all sleep soundly tonight knowing that pineapple does, in fact, belong on pizza, at least in British Columbia. Thank you and goodnight, Canada!

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