Pink & Yellow Moths Are Appearing In Ontario And They’re So Surreal (PHOTOS)

They're called Rosy Maple Moths and they're precious.
Pink And Yellow Moths In Ontario Keep Showing Up And They Look So Unreal

Why do butterflies get all the credit? It turns out moths are sometimes pretty too. That’s right, you can find these gorgeous pink and yellow moths in Ontario and they look like the cutest banana strawberry shake.

This milkshake of a moth is actually called Dryocampa Rubicunda, which isn't exactly catchy.

We prefer its informal name, the Rosy Maple Moth. With a name like that, of course they're in Canada!

The North American bug is commonly spotted in Ontario as well as Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI.

And recently, an author and podcast host Rebecca Lavoie found one of these furry cuties on her deck.

“This moth exists in nature and it’s ON MY DECK,” reads a tweet on Lavoie’s account.

Of course, people were quick to hop in the comments and share their thoughts on the unusual moth.

Comparisons to strawberry banana milkshakes, pink lemonade, various cakes, and Nicki Minaj all came up.

And honestly, we feel that.

Others shared their own photos and videos, proving that the Rosy Maple is fluttering all around the province and just across the border as well.

So the next time you’re wandering outside, keep your eyes peeled for possibly the cutest moth we’ve ever seen.

You have to see it to believe it.

it seems that these bubble-gum pink moths are popping up in and around Ontario.

If you can’t wait to run into one of these moths naturally, though, they can also be spotted at Guelph University's arboretum where you’ll find hundreds of moth and butterfly species including the Rosy Maple, according to the school's website.

The site notes that arboretum is currently open for walkthrough access only.

If you're curious, this map From Toronto's Entomology Association shows you where in the province the moths are typically found. Simply type "Rosy Maple Moth" in the search bar to find out how likely you are to find one in your city.

As far as bug invasions go, we’ll take these cartoon-like wing flappers over those pesky murder hornets in Canada any day.

Luckily, it will probably be too cold in this country for those dangerous stingers to survive the winter.

At least Canada's cold climate comes in handy some of the time.

The bugs are known to live for two to nine months, and once fully grown, adult moths don’t even feed on anything.

So, whether you think this adorable winged critter looks like a Pokemon, something from Animal Crossing, or a tasty milkshake, one thing is for sure, they’re super pretty.

So move over butterflies, there’s a new Queen in town.

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