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Last Night’s Glowing Pink Supermoon In Canada Was Absolutely Surreal (PHOTOS)

If you missed it, check out these shots!
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Pink Supermoon In Canada Was Stunning & The Photos Are Surreal

What a spectacular sight! The pink supermoon in Canada put on quite a show across the country and the photos are stunning. If you weren't able to see this celestial event, here are a bunch of photos of it that will take your breath away.

On April 7, the supermoon rose across Canada, and was the biggest and brightest one of the year because of how close it was to the Earth.

This month, the complete fullness of the moon coincided with the lunar perigee, which is the time when the orb is at its closest point to Earth in its orbit.

At perigee, the natural satellite was only about 356,909 kilometres away.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, supermoons are about 7% bigger and 15% brighter than a typical full moon.

While the name can be a little deceptive because the space rock isn't actually pink, if you looked at the right time it did look like it was glowing with a rosy hue!

The colourful name comes from a North American wildflower that blooms in early springtime.

People all over Canada watched the skies from their balconies or yards as the moon climbed higher and higher.

People also had their cameras out, and took some incredible shots of our planet's natural satellite.

Here are 29 photos from across Canada of the pink supermoon.


Photos from across B.C. show that even if the moon didn't actually change colours, it still gave off a pink glow as it rose.


In Edmonton, one photographer captured a shot of the supermoon peeking out from behind the clouds before filling up the night sky.


These photos from Saskatchewan are so breathtaking.


Over in Manitoba, the celestial giant also gave off a pinkish glow for those lucky people that got to see it.


If your view of this supermoon was obstructed by clouds, these photos from Ontario show you just beautiful of a sight it was.


These photos from Quebec are spectacular. The moon looks huge near the horizon and also a little bit eerie when the clouds rolled in.


Earth's natural satellite lit up the skies of P.E.I. with a pink hue, before rising above lighthouses and transformers.

Nova Scotia

Also keeping with east coast fashion, the natural night light rose behind a lighthouse, making for a beautiful sight.

There will be another supermoon in May, and while it won't be as big as this one, it'll still be something to look for in the night sky.

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