Pitbull And Nickelback Are Performing At A Canadian Festival This Summer And Tickets Are Only $45

Super cheap festival coming to Quebec this summer and tickets are only $45 plus taxes right now.
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Pitbull And Nickelback Are Performing At A Canadian Festival This Summer And Tickets Are Only $45

If you're a lover of music, then you'll be excited to hear that a super cheap music festival is coming to Canada very soon! This summer, Metro Metro festival will hit Montreal featuring artists like Cardi B, Future, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Sean Paul, Tyga and more! Not only that but the Marshmello, Above & Beyond, Kasakade and Alan Walker are all performing at Soniq Island this summer. 

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The only problem is that both of these festivals will cost concertgoers hundreds of dollars per ticket. If you want to see some awesome performances for a cheaper price, we've got you! There's a much cheaper festival coming to Canada this summer and you'll be able to purchase tickets for only $45 to see bands like Nickelback and Pitbull!  

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The TELUS Big Holiday Festival unveiled their own festival lineup and the tickets are super cheap! The music festival will feature big names like Nickelback, Pitbull, Loud, and Eric Lapointe followed by some local bands and even a comedian or two.

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The festival will take place in Rimouski, Quebec from July 18 to July 21, 2019. 

You can buy your tickets now for a pretty decent price! If you buy passes now, they're only $45 plus taxes for access to the four-day music festival! Passes are limited, so if you're interested in attending the festival - buy your tickets asap! 

On Thursday evening, Eric Lapointe will open the festival with Yvan Pedneault. On Friday, Pitbull and Loud are expected to perform. DJ Érik Haüser will perform as well. On Saturday evening, Nickelback, the festival's headliner will finally take the stage, followed by Ontario band, The Standstills. 

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On July 21, the festival will end with Patrice Michaud, Peter Macleod, Les Annees Jukebox and a fireworks display by Telus. 

For more information on the festival and purchasing tickets, you can visit their website.

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