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23 Spots In Pittsburgh To Take Really Cool Instagram Photos

Check out all these gorg spots in the Burgh.
23 Spots In Pittsburgh To Take Really Cool Instagram Photos

This may or may not come as a surprise to you, depending on how familiar you are with the city, but there are so many cool spots to take Insta-worthy photos all around Pittsburgh. From the abundance of mural walls to the locally famous Randyland, if your Instagram feed is begging for some new photos you will not have any trouble putting an exclusive Pittsburgh twist on 'em. So stop taking mirror selfies and go check out these amazing spots today. You — and your followers — will be happy you did. 

La Hutte Royal

Where: 1812 Rialto Street, Troy Hill

So it's true, we may not have a Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in Pittsburgh — but that doesn't mean we don't have an equally interesting art-house full of wacky photogenic rooms. The house is open for public enjoyment by scheduled appointment only, click here to schedule your tour. Anyone else feeling a little claustrophobic looking at these photos?



Where: 1501 Arch St

We often mention Randyland in articles, as it is one of the most whimsical places in the entire city since it's covered from bottom to top with colorful artwork by no one other than Randy himself! Again, it makes this list because, well, this is one spectacular spot in the 'Burgh to take Instagram photos at. I mean, just look at these pics! We, and a lot of other Instagrammers, are totally obsessed. So jump on this bandwagon because you will absolutely not regret it. Oh, and you're extra lucky if Randy photobombs you. 


South Side Flats 

Where: East Carson Street, South Side

There is no "one" place in the South Side Flats area, there are many places. The best part about the Flats is that while you stroll around looking for the several mural walls and cool viewpoints, you can also check out all the shops, cafes, and eateries in the area. Kind of a great all-in-one trip. 


Where: 86 S 26th St

If you're more into food and location blogging, then a worthy mention in South Side is Zenith — a vegetarian cafe with a gypsy soul — er, atmosphere. Take pics of your delicious dishes or of the cafe itself, heck even of the groovy floor! No matter what you choose to snap a pic of, it will definitely be a nice addition to your feed. 



Where: Multiple locations

Again, like the South Side, there are a ton of awesome murals around Lawrenceville, many of which are of beloved cartoon characters. Since there are too many mural addresses to put in this post, you should click this link to see the map of the artwork around this groovy neighborhood. 

Station Square

Where: 125 W Station Square Dr

If you need some iconic city pictures, Station Square is the place to go. It is one of the coolest spots in the city, drawing thousands of tourists from around the globe every year. This groovy little shopping and dining complex features one-of-a-kind views of the river and city as well as water fountains, working train tracks, and historical relics — to name just a few things.

The Lock Bridge

Where: Schenley Park Bridge

Whether you're just looking for an edgy background, a symbol of love, or just something unique to take a picture of, the Schenley Park Bridge, also known as The Love Bridge, is always a good choice. 

Phipps Conservatory 

Where: One Schenley Park 

Want to look like you are in some tropical jungle? If so, while you're in the neighborhood of The Lock Bridge, pop over to Phipps for some stellar garden pics. No one needs to know you're still in Pittsburgh and don't worry, your secret is safe with us. 


The Bayernhof Museum 

Where: 225 St Charles Pl

I know what you are thinking —a museum?! Believe me, this is not your typical museum. It is actually a mansion turned museum, featuring a private pool and unimaginable views. The spa alone warrants an Instagram photo, and it's more fun to leave it without a caption so everyone wonders what you haven't been telling them. 



Where: 1230 Grandview Ave

Here's another one for the food bloggers out there! Not only is the food plated to perfection, but the restaurant is also situated next to the Duquesne Incline — meaning breathtaking city views to capture in the background.

Carrie Furnace

Where: Carrie Furnace Blvd, Swissvale

Not only is Carrie Furnace notorious for being one of Pittsburgh's most haunted locations, with several thousand hashtagged posts on the 'gram this old industrial factory is well known and loved by the Insta community. 

PNC Park 

Where: 115 Federal St

Whether you are a baseball enthusiast or not, there is no denying that PNC Park is one of the most photogenic stadiums in the nation. If you happen to be the latter, don't let it deter you from attending a game, specifically on one of the firework nights; now that is always a show worth documenting. 

Point State Park

Where: 601 Commonwealth Pl

It's just a fact that everyone loves Point State Park. And if they don't then their opinion does not count. From the park's iconic fountain to the skyline and river views, it doesn't get much more gorgeous than The Point.

Grandview Overlook

Where: 136-160 Grandview Ave

This list would be incomplete without mentioning the locally famous Mt. Washington viewpoint, Grandview Overlook. There is a short pathway with great views leading up to the main attraction, the overhang (pictured below). Whether you are just visiting or you live in the city full time, your Instagram is simply incomplete without a photo here. 

Commonplace Coffee

Where: 1501 Buena Vista St

This artisan cafe specializes in making delicious, and pretty, cups of coffee. Perfect for your afternoon pick-me-up #caffiene post; and if you're feeling #extra, add a pastry into the mix. 

House Poem

Where: 408 Sampsonia Way

The City of Asylum House Poem was created by exiled writer Huang Xiang in the 1900's, whose poems and writings were banned in China. As a way to celebrate his writing freedom in America, he wrote a poem on his house, which has since been dedicated to the City of Asylum organization. Now that you know the backstory, you can fully appreciate this hidden gem and share its unique story with others when you post your photos taken here!


The Color Park

Where: 1 S 6th St

Just as it sounds, The Color Park is one of Pittsburgh's many parks — but with a colorful twist. There is tons of colorful graffiti along the pathway, making for a very eccentric contrast to the city background. 

Strawberry Way 

Where: Strawberry Way, Downtown

Centered between the alleyway of Smithfield Street and Strawberry Way, the Strawberry Way Mural is still relatively new to Pittsburgh and is one of the few murals that you can walk on, making for a pretty cool shot. 

Seldom Seen Greenway

Where: Sawmill Run Blvd

Like Randyland, the Seldom Seen Greenway hiking trail has made a few of our other Pittsburgh lists because, as the name suggests, not many people know about it. On the hill just slightly off to the left the trail, here is a set of abandoned train tracks that are covered in graffiti, which admittedly is a cool spot for some rad pictures. 

Peace, Love & Little Donuts

Where: 50 21st St

Picture perfect food you can eat. If you love fried dough, you are going to love Peace, Love & Little Donuts. This one of a kind donut shop has some amazing flavors and donuts decorated so well you will feel bad about eating it — eh, but you will get over it. Just snap a photo to remember the moment forever, and share it on Instagram so we can see! #jelly 

Sienna Mercato

Where: 942 Penn Ave

Sienna Mercato is actually a two-story Italian restaurant, and although their food is amazing, the chic atmosphere, sort of what you could expect to find at a beach resort spot, that really makes this place stand out from every other Italian eaterie around.

The Andy Warhol Museum

Where: 117 Sandusky St

Full of timeless pop art by the world-famous late Pittsburgh artist Andy Warhol, the museum is a hotspot for Millenials who not only enjoy art but like to pose for pictures with it too. 

Allegheny Cemetery

Where: 4715 Penn Ave

Another great place for anyone into travel blogging ... the Allegheny Cemetery has some interesting features to capture, like the shark headstone and Egyptian-inspired tomb — and maybe a ghost or two if you're lucky. 

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