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24 Pittsburgh Date Ideas That Are Way More Fun Than You'd Think

Ready to have a seriously good time?
24 Pittsburgh Date Ideas That Are Way More Fun Than You'd Think

Need some new date ideas but having a hard time finding something that sounds appealing? We understand, and that is why we have rounded up 24 Pittsburgh dates to do at different times throughout the year that are way more fun than you think. But don't just take our word for it, get out there and put these ideas to the test — and don't leave us hanging in suspense, let us know which ones you and bae had the most fun doing. 

Make a custom candle

Where: The Candle Lab, 4409 Butler St

@turn_the_paige93embedded via

Shopping for candles and fragrances is fun and all, but making them is even better. At The Candle Lab, you have the choice of browsing their extensive collection of smell-good items or making your very own! As a bonus, you can order a glass of wine to enhance your candle-making date.


@thecandlelabembedded via

Get professional couple photos taken

Where: N/A

@wildnativephotoembedded via

You don't need a special occasion to schedule a couple's photo shoot. Not only is it fun and romantic, but you will eternalize a moment together forever. You will never be this young again, and one day you will look back at your pictures together, happy you took them, so get some couple photos taken together doing something you both enjoy.

Note: If you can't afford professional photos, then buy a phone tripod, set the timer and take your own photos!

@nealnoir_embedded via

Build a stuffy at Build-A-Bear

Where: Multiple locations

@velocity_raptorembedded via

Teddy bears have been a symbol of love for years. Well this year, forget buying a generic teddy bear for Valentines Day and instead treat your bae to a Build-A-Bear date. Seriously, there is no age limit for building an adorable cotton-filled cuddle buddy.


@princesslex_xoembedded via

Pick your own produce

Where: Multiple locations

@rdbaum48embedded via

You will not find fun more organic than this. From strawberries in the summer to apples in the fall, going to your local orchard and picking your own produce can a surprisingly entertaining date that will keep you busy for hours. Think of it as a tasty scavenger hunt.

@lexifergusonembedded via

Get the all-you-can-eat seats for a Pirate's game

Where: PNC Park

@lorettab29embedded via

Take me out to a ball game, take me out to the game ... blah, blah, you know the rest. This is for all my foodie baseball-loving couples out there! Next time you plan on attending a Pirate's game, book the all-you-can-eat seats and basically stuff yourself full of delicious baseball-game food while rooting for the home team. Cheers to that!


@malonm02embedded via

Go on a Just Ducky Tour 

*As of July 2019, these tours have been closed permanently, we suggest you check out a FREE Pittsburgh Walking Tour instead

Where: 125 W Station Square

@rachel_greshembedded via

Get quackin' on this one of a kind city tour, featuring an amphibious vehicle which takes you sightseeing through Pittsburgh on both land and water. It is a really unique way to explore the city whether you are new to it or a long time resident.


@mrs.agnello17embedded via

Spend some time with the homeless pets at the animal shelter

Where: Multiple locations

@mandyvasudevanembedded via

So you're animal lovers but don't have the time or space to dedicate to a new furry friend — that's okay! Spend a few hours at the local shelter giving some attention to the residents there, they will be thankful you did.

@kingropstyleembedded via

Take a sunset dinner cruise on the Gateway Clipper

Where: 350 West Station Square Drive

@gatewayclipperembedded via

Red skies at night, a sailor's delight. Watch the sunset over the 'Burgh while you sip your wine, eat good food, listen to music, and enjoy the river breeze. I can't think of a better way to end a day.


@wanderlustandwardrobesembedded via

Rollerblading at Neville Roller Drome

Where: Neville Roller Drome, 5109 Neville Rd

@courtney_cokeembedded via

I promise rollerblading is still hip, and an awesome date when you want to do something active together. There are a few rollerblading rinks around, however, Neville Roller Drome is the closest one to center Pittsburgh.


@zoedecoyembedded via

Watching a movie at the drive-in

Where: Dependable Drive-In, 549 Moon Clinton Rd, Moon

@saraleslie51embedded via

Sometimes the best way to watch a movie is outside cuddled up together at the local drive-in movie theater. We are lucky enough to have one not far from Pittsburgh, which is open for a good portion of the year. So bring your favorite drinks, snacks, and blankets for the best movie night ever.


@loosecanonphotographyembedded via

Ghost hunt with Ghosts N'At 

Where: Multiple locations

@paranormal_patrolembedded via

Explore the paranormal together at one of the many haunted locations throughout Pittsburgh. Either take a haunted tour or book an investigation in with local ghost hunting event group, Ghosts N'at.


@enigmafilesembedded via

Go bowling at the arcade

Where: Games N' At, 2010 Josephine St

@ninipaniniembedded via

Not many people know that we have an arcade, let alone a bowling alley in the arcade. Games N' At is a pretty dope place in general, but if you are ever feeling up to a good old fashion bowling date night then make this your spot of choice, and of course, don't limit yourself just to a competition of bowling.


@gregory_thompembedded via

Craft your own jewelry together

Where: Crystal Bead Bazaar, 4521 Butler Street

@crystalbeadbazaarembedded via

There is no nicer jewelry than the "made with love" kind. From necklaces to earrings, spend some time learning how to craft the perfect one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry together. The Crystal Bead Bazaar offers classes for beginners or walk-ins for those a little more confident in their crafting abilities.


@crystalbeadbazaarembedded via

Hang out with exotic animals at the National Aviary

Where: 700 Arch Street

@ambshuckembedded via

If you don't want to drive all the way to Living Treasures, but you want to have a more hands-on experience than at the Pittsburgh Zoo, check out the National Aviary. For a small fee you can feed the rainbow lorikeets, or for a little more and booked in advance you do an animal encounter with some of their more exotic wildlife — like the sloth and penguins!


@boomitshammertimeembedded via

Get competitive with a game of paintball 

Where: Multiple locations

@lvlupsportsembedded via

Get down and dirty with a friendly paintball match. This is the only time in your life where it will be completely okay to shoot at your other half — unless you choose to be on the same team of course, but that's no fun. There are several different paintball parks around the city, click here to see a list.

@paintballrionegrinhoembedded via

Enjoy an exciting dinner with a show

Where: Omni William Penn, 530 William Penn Pl

@ecwr1212embedded via

Mr. Green in the ballroom with the lead pipe! If you and your sweetheart like the occasional game of Clue, you should step it up a notch with a suspenseful dinner murder mystery show at the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh and get ready to have a bloody good time. Think you have what it takes to crack the case?


@markedwithanmembedded via

Take in a show at the orchestra

Where: Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, 600 Penn Avenue

@eguyjediembedded via

A concert at the orchestra never sounds fun until you hear they're playing the music from your favorite childhood games and movies, like The Legend of Zelda, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and The Nightmare Before Christmas, to name only a short few.


@misselizabethphillipsembedded via

Get creative with ceramic painting

Where: Multiple locations

@tresarts.cafeembedded via

Don't just stop at custom candles, spice up your home with some custom ceramics. This is an awesome pastime for any couples into, well, painting — or at least into trying. No need to do anything fancy, the important part is the fun! Again, there are several ceramic studios to choose from, so I will leave that decision up to you; click here to see a list.

@heldbyherceramicsembedded via

Get pampered at a spa

Where: Multiple locations

@bodytemplebaliembedded via

Couple's massages, mud baths, a hot tub — doesn't that all just sound like exactly what you need right now? Let's be honest, you both deserve a relaxing day out, so book it in because this is a date that should absolutely not wait!

@jo_bunkerembedded via

Take a couple's cooking class 

Where: Multiple locations

@msbrianachanelembedded via

Spice up your relationship with a couple's cooking class. There is something oddly fun about refining your cooking skills together, and who knows, maybe you will learn how to make a new favorite dish.

@appetite_for_seductionembedded via

Visit a strange museum

Where: Multiple locations

@megankosinskiembedded via

Surprisingly there are a lot of unusual museums around Pittsburgh, including the world's largest bicycle collection museum, Bicycle Heaven, nation's largest pinball collection museum, Pinball Perfection, The Big Mac Museum, Trundle Manor, the Center for PostNatural History, and The Living Dead Museum.

@visitpittsburghembedded via

Ride the incline

Where: 1220 Grandview Ave

@pennliveembedded via

We have one of the most iconic city skylines in the nation, so it's no surprise that people love to see it. If you want to get some impeccable views of the city, the Duquesne Incline awaits. A selfie photo at the top of the incline is definitely warranted.


@royorbitronembedded via

Go urban exploring

@clarissa.bockembedded via

Once in a while, you need to do something simple, and urban exploring is just that. There are tons of cool places to find around the city, including the hidden caves at the Allegheny Cemetery, fairy gardens at Frick Park, hundreds of mural walls, and much more - but that is where the urban exploration comes in, you never know what you might find by taking the path less traveled.

@pittsburghstreetartembedded via

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