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30 Fun Pittsburgh Date Ideas That Are Way More Fun Than You'd Think

There is so much to do around Pittsburgh this summer!
30 Fun Pittsburgh Date Ideas That Are Way More Fun Than You'd Think

If you've grown tired of going on boring dates you'll be pleased to know that Pittsburgh is filled with fun and unique activities to do with your girlfriend or boyfriend! Particularly during the summer months, there are plenty of activities around town to check out.

Whether you're looking for unique restaurants, bars, or activities to do, we have you covered. Pick one of these activities to head out to for a date this weekend!

Spend a couple of hours at Urban Air Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks are most definitely not just for kids—so jump around for a few hours! There are also games you can play to get in touch with your competitive side.

Enter the ultimate immersive escape experience at the Imaginarium

The Imaginarium is the ultimate escape room and it's right here in Pittsburgh! What better way to bond than working together to solve puzzles to get out of a locked room? If you're a fan of escape rooms, enter the Imaginarium—it's truly worth it.

See a show at the Arcade Comedy Theatre

The Arcade Comedy Theatre is downtown Pittsburgh's home for comedy.  There are at least six shows every weekend, comedy classes, family shows, and special events. Have fun spending the night laughing!

See a classic at the Hollywood Theatre

The Hollywood Theater is a single-screen 1920s-style cinema offering classic films and film festivals. If you're both film fanatics this will offer a great date night out!

Brew your own beer at The Copper Kettle

The Copper Kettle is a local brewery where you can brew and bottle or keg your own beer! For couples who love trying out new craft breweries and drinking beer, this is right up your alley.

See a show at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

If you're looking for something different and a bit of culture and you've already headed out and seen all the latest movies, why not try the ballet? The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre is Pittsburgh's premier ballet company and has been around for 50 years.

Grab some ice cream from Page Dairy Mart

This is one of the staple ice cream spots during the summer months. You bet there will be a line out front. However, it is totally worth it. Nothing beats good ice cream. Well, maybe a lot of good ice cream.

Take an afternoon walk around the Andy Warhol Museum

Ok. This one isn't a secret. But it might be a secret that it isn't just for high school field trips and art lovers. Anyone will love to spend the day exploring the Andy Warhol Museum. Just cause you had to go when you were a sophomore doesn't mean you can't enjoy it as an almost adult. This is definitely something any Pittsburgh local has to see at least once in their life.

Catch an outdoor movie at one of many locations

When summer hits, one of the best night-time activities you can do is watch a movie under the stars. There are lots of places around the city where you can do this for free!

Take a tiki-themed cruise on the Three Rivers

Relax and take a cruise on the Three Rivers—all on a tiki-themed boat! This is best for a double date or a group date, and lasts for around two hours. Bring along your favorite snacks and drinks!

Split a milkshake at The Milkshake Factory

Go old school and split a milkshake. Maybe he'll let you wear his letterman jacket and you can go steady. Choose from delicious flavors such as brownie fudge, chocolate raspberry truffle, and peanut butter pretzel! Yeah, maybe we should each get our own.

Have a unique meal in a treehouse at Treetops Restaurant

Located in the Laurel Highlands, you'll get to enjoy gourmet New American cuisine up amongst the leaves! It's like eating as one of the Lost Boys. Ummm, where's Rufio?

Take a romantic walk around Point State Park

Take advantage of the beautiful weather during the summer months and go on a stroll in Pittsburgh's Point State Park. Pack a picnic and enjoy the fountain, which is turned on from April through October.

Go to the 21-and-over nights at the Carnegie Science Centre

The adults-only nights at the Science Centre are a great deal of fun—not only do you not have to worm your way through crowds of kids but you can enjoy a beer at the same time! So get your learn on. Come here for a unique spin on date night.

Literally, go for a break at Break Room

Enjoy some therapeutic demolition with your partner and head to the Break Room where you can spend time literally breaking glass, ceramics, and more! This is a great way to blow off some steam.

Go for a coffee date at Constellation Coffee

Head to Constellation Coffee for a good old coffee date—but with amazing coffee, tea, and locally sourced pastries!

Go bowling at Arsenal Bowl

Arsenal Bowl has long been recognized as the best bowling alley in Pittsburgh and with good reason. It is where old-school bowling meets nightclub atmosphere, with special club nights every night of the week!

Go for a boat ride on the Gateway Clipper

Yeah, Gateway Clipper is a cliche choice—but sitting back and enjoying the great view from the Three Rivers is actually more fun than you may think! Try going at sunset for a romantic and chilled date idea.

Take a cooking class together at Gaynor's School of Cooking

Cooking classes are a great fun date idea—and you can take that knowledge home with you and cook your next meal together too! Gaynor's School of Cooking offers great classes for total beginners, so book a class today.

Head to a glass making class at the Pittsburgh Glass Center

The Pittsburgh Glass Center is a great spot to head to for a unique date, offering classes for studio glass art, taught by both local and international glass artists. There's also a gallery so you can see stuff that's better than what you made.

Find your way to Acacia for some Prohibition-era cocktails

Blink and you might miss it - this speakeasy is hidden away but once you find it, you will keep going back for more. Spend the night sipping on old-fashioned cocktails and listening to some classic tunes!

Go to Belvedere's for disco roller-skating

On the last Saturday of each month, Belvedere's Ultra Dive rents out rollerskates to patrons and turns the entire place into a big a roller disco. This ain't for kids anymore—head here on a night out for something new!

Go for a morning stroll at the Phipps Conservatory

This is the perfect date spot for any season. Strolling through the beautiful greenery at Phipps Conservatory is great for any couple!

Get a good workout at The Climbing Wall

Challenge your date and see who can reach the top the quickest, with 14,000 square feet of climbing space there is something for beginners and experts!

Go on a Segway tour of the city for a new perspective

See the beauty of Pittsburgh from an entirely new perspective, climb aboard your Segways and head out on a tour of all the iconic Pittsburgh spots including PNC Park, Heinz Field, and more!

Play some glow-in-the-dark mini golf at Shot In The Dark

Pittsburgh has a number of minigolf locations—our top pick is Shot In The Dark, which offers glow-in-the-dark mini golf. Getting some friendly competition in is always a great date idea!

Complete a treetop obstacle course at Go Ape

For the couples who are more adventurous, check out the treetop obstacle courses at Go Ape! Swing through the trees on a zip line and go wild on swings, ladders, and rope crossings. The floor is lava! Make sure you make reservations in advance.

Kayak down the Three Rivers with Venture Outdoors

Explore the Three Rivers whilst soaking in the summer sun in a kayak! If you head to Venture Outdoors, they offer adventures for both beginners and seasoned kayakers. You can rent kayaks by the hour or for the entire day!

See a drive-in movie at Dependable Drive-In Theatre

Offering drive-in movies since 1950, bring your date here for an old-school night of fun! Pack all the essentials like gummy bears, a blanket, and more gummy bears. Check out their website for movie schedules.

Do some free yoga at Market Square

Every Sunday and Wednesday during the summer, you can head to Market Square and engage in some yoga sessions. And the best part—it's absolutely free. With a great lineup of local instructors, it's a great way to get fit with your significant other! It always draws a huge crowd and is great when it's not too hot.

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