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30 Tattoo Artists In Pennsylvania You Need To Make An Appointment With Before The End Of 2018

There are so many tattoo studios - let alone artists - throughout Pennsylvania to choose from. Whether it's your first rodeo or you've done it dozens of times, there's one thing that's always certain - you want to make sure you're getting quality work for your money. 

We get it, the choice of artists can be overwhelming, so we did the hard work for you and checked out the portfolio's of hundreds of studios - finally narrowing down the list to these 30 Pennsylvanian tattoo artists that you should definitely book in with before the end of the year. 

Note: they are listed in no particular order or area.

Brian Geckle

Where: Flower of Life Studios, Boalsburg

With nearly 30k followers on Instagram, his work speaks for itself and it's no surprise that Brian is a top choice for many Pennsylvanian's seeking an artist. Brian will be moving to Denver in the fall, so if you want a tattoo by him you need to book it in ASAP.


Lauren Toohey

Where: Wyld Chyld Tattoo Studio, Pittsburgh

This tattoo Goddess works at Wyld Chyld in Pittsburgh, and according to their website, she was awarded Best Watercolor at the United Ink Cradle of Aviation tattoo expo in 2016. This woman has some legit bragging rights. 


Nathan Mould 

Where: White Willow Studio, Pittsburgh

Nathan Mould is perhaps one of the most well-known tattoo artists in the Pittsburgh area, and it's pretty clear why. Dot work is still a pretty new thing with tattoo artists in America, so finding those that are comfortable with it can sometimes be a challenge. Not for Mould though, he specifically specializes in dot work, so if this is the style you're after you can feel confident booking your appointment with him. 


Seth Leibowitz

Where: Artform Tattoo, Lower Burrell

Where do I even start? Seth goes above and beyond expectations to produce unique and outstanding work. Honestly, all I can say is you won't find anyone or anywhere else with a portfolio quite like Seth's.


Bill White Jr.

Where: M and M Tattooing Downingtown, PA

Watercolor? Check. Geometrical? Check. Traditional? Check. If you need an all-around tattoo artist who is pretty comfortable with every style, then Bill White Jr. is your man. He prefers originality, so bring him a unique idea!


Michelle Joy

Where: Gypsy Tattoo Parlor, Pittsburgh, PA

It doesn't get much cuter than these simple and illustrative storybook-like cartoon tattoos by Michelle. She specializes in this design, so be sure to check her social media because I know you're dying to see more!


Rob Diamond

Where: Never Say Die Tattoo, Harrisburg 

One word: detail. Rob Diamond's realistic and surreal style artistry will leave you speechless. He has an amazing eye for detail, and I think most notably, while many tattoo artists struggle to make portrait tattoos look good, Diamond makes it look like a walk in the park. 


Pete Zebley

Where: Central Tattoo Studio, Philadelphia

His artwork is gentle and vibrant - published artist Pete Zebley is the man for all of your watercolor-inspired needs. 


Tim Kamerdze

Where: Grace Tattoo, Phoenixville

Tim Kamerdze is unmatched in character inspired full-sleeve tattoos. Actually, his sleeve work is just unmatched in general, it's just that I'm totally obsessed with the Nintendo sleeve he did. 


Michael Bradley

Where: 717 Tattoo, Columbia

Another great artist hailing from the Harrisburg area, Michael Bradly has an amazing portfolio ranging in a complete color spectrum from black and white to vibrant and colorful.


Erikka James Heckman

Where: Incognito Tattoo Studio, Greencastle

If Lisa Frank had a tattoo artist sister, it would be Erikka. Rainbow unicorns, colorful jellyfish... you name it, she's probably done an adorable tattoo of it - yep, even monsters and dragons. 


Bob Shock

Where: Electric City Tattoo, Wilkes Barre

It's not shocking that Bob Shock is another excellent mandala and dot work artist. He also does quite a lot of traditional style tats too, so click that website link below and check out all of his work. 


Pete Larkin

Where: Kyklops Tattoo, Pittsburgh

Pete Larkin of Kyklops Tattoo is a master of traditional style tattoos. I mean the guy has been tattooing since 2005, so he's probably at level 100 of his tattoo skill. Anyways, he likes to tattoo lady heads, dragons, daggers, and wizards.


Jason Angst

Where: Artisan Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh 

Who needs a night sky when you can have a dope astronomical tattoo to gaze at instead? Jason Angst, the owner of Artisan Pittsburgh tattoo studio, is absolutely brilliant at otherworldly and space design tattoos. 


Paul Acker

Where: Séance Tattoo Parlor, Bensalem

From the many faces of Jason to portraits of Marilyn Manson, Paul Acker, owner of the Seance Tattoo Parlor, specializes in nonother than horror inspired artworks. Before you ask, I don't think they give discounts just because it's Friday the 13th or Halloween. 


Brynne Verbel

Where: Instattoosionalized, Northampton

A few words come to mind to describe Brynne's work; dainty, outstanding, fun, and just plain cute. Her shading techniques are absolutely flawless and the colors are always vibrant. 


Bob Price

Where: Inferno Studio, Kane

Another great all'rounder, from dot work to watercolor and everything in between, Bob Price can pretty much make any of your tattoo visions come to life. 


Tina Marie

Where: Body Graphics, Philadelphia

This pregnant momma isn't letting anything slow her epic tattooing game down! She will be on maternity leave in the fall but she's currently booking for December 2018, so get penciled in on that schedule before it fills up!


Ron Russo

Where: 570 Tattooing Co., Wilkes-Barre

If you're diggin' the gory-horror tattoo vibes, you need to check out Ron Russo's portfolio. 


Rachel Behm

Where: White Oak Tattoo Co., West Chester

Traditional with a hint of girly. For being a young artist, Rachel has quite an extensive portfolio and thousands of fans on Instagram - so don't miss out on a chance to book an appointment with her.


Alex Frew

Where: Alex Frew Tattoo, Bloom

Shading and dotting can be tricky to mix, but Alex Frew has no trouble doing it. Additionally, many dot work artists prefer doing only black, white and red ink tats  - but not Frew, this tattoo legend doesn't limit his abilities.

James Roberts

Where: Ravenwood Collective, Pittsburgh

People are going crazy about Roberts' X-Ray tattoos, and I have to admit they are pretty unique. Oh, and before you book an appointment you should probably know he prefers to tattoo with only red, blue, black, and white ink.



Where: Magic Eye Tattoo, Kensington

These tats are equal parts eerie and cool. If you've been wanting a tribal/occultic style tattoo, go to Gus. 


Where: Eclipse Tattoo, Springdale

Chris is a female artist who specializes in watercolor - and making women feel comfortable while getting tattooed. According to Eclipse Studio's website, it is an all-female tattoo studio so women who aren't comfortable being tattooed by or around men can still go and get tattoos. You go, Chris! 

Joe Capone

Where: American Tattoo, Verona

Featured on the first season of Ink Master Angels, you can feel pretty confident in Joe's tattoo abilities - I mean look at the detail in his work, and check out the coverup posted below. Wow, he's good.

Scott McMahon

Where: Raw Power Tattoo, Feasterville

Talk about intricate. Scott seems to love a good challenge - I mean, have you seen his optical illusion tats? That can't be easy.

Mike Kelly

Where: DLG Tattoos, Jeanette

After one look at his portfolio, it's pretty safe to say Mike loves doing portraits, and he's darn good at it too. And, um I'm 100% jealous of whoever got this Korn tattoo. 

Doug Nedzesky

Where: Bloodlines Gallery, Pittsburgh

Doug really has that whole gothic Edgar Allan Poe-style working in his favor. Oh and he travels around too, so if you're not in Pittsburgh maybe you can catch him somewhere else.


William Bryce

Where: Pittsburgh

William Bryce is another really awesome traditional tattooist. While he spends a lot of his time in the 'Burgh, he also travels around to different states and areas. If you want to book in with him or see his travel dates and locations, click the website link below. 


Richard Velez

Where: Midtown Tattoo, Erie

If nautical nonsense is something you wish, RICH VEL-EZ. But no really we are pretty obsessed with his extravagant nature sleeves. 


Whether they're located right in town or half the state away, undoubtedly all of these artists are worth the drive.

So the real question is, which of these tattoo artists do you want to book in with and why? Additionally, we'd love to know if there are any other artists that you really like and think should make any future lists! Be sure to comment their name, studio and Insta handle. 

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