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Round Trip Flights For Under $400 You Can Get From Pittsburgh Right Now

Pack your bags because you're going on an adventure
Round Trip Flights For Under $400 You Can Get From Pittsburgh Right Now

I can think of several reasons why you need to take a vacation, like to get away from the bi-polar Pittsburgh weather, to treat yourself, and most importantly, because flights are going cheap.

We totally understand that this is the time of the year when you are trying to save money so you can get everyone those gifts they deserve, and that is why we have rounded up these amazing round-trip flight deals all over the world you can book right now - you know, so you can finally invest in a little R&R for #1 and still have money left over for the holidays. 

Well, we won't keep you waiting, scroll down and start scheduling your time off. 

Nassau, Bahamas

Price: $373

@wanderlustingbabesembedded via

Clear blue oceans, bright white sand, sealife as far as the eye can see... With everything this tropical island has to offer, it will have you wishing you never had to return back to Pittsburgh. The good news is that if you keep getting tickets for less than $400, you can come back so often it will become like your second home.

Book your ticket here

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San Francisco, California

Price: $270

@sfgateembedded via

A modern city with modern vibes. San Fransisco is known for the dense foggy weather, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, and the colorful Victorian style homes. While you're in the area you won't want to miss the chance to sail across the infamous San Fransisco Bay, taking advantage of all the photo opportunities.

Book your ticket here

@femmetravelembedded via

Paris, France

Price: $320

@travelstribeembedded via

We are in love with the price of this ticket to the most romantic city in the world. In fact, for this price, you should buy two and ask your sweetheart to accompany you for the date of a lifetime.

Book your ticket here

@mindblowingtravelsembedded via

Key West, Florida

Price: $259

@palmlivinofficialembedded via

While there are many great seaside places in Florida, there is something truly special about the Key West; a strip of small islands in the lowest western point of the state. The best part is that there is no need to get a passport to visit one of the most beautiful tropical destinations in the Americas.

Book your ticket here

@_kendra_jo_embedded via

Dublin, Ireland

Price: $320

@_stephenknowles_embedded via

Some of Ireland's most historic buildings are right here in Dublin, including the Dublin Castle and St Patrick’s Cathedral; and after a long day of sightseeing be sure to stop at one of the many local pubs for some authentic food and ale.

Book your ticket here

@aliina.andreaembedded via

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Price: $171

@rmeeventsembedded via

No need to wait for Mardi Gras to book your ticket to New Orleans, especially when the prices are down to $171. Don't jinx yourself and wait, because this deal definitely won't last long.

Book your ticket here

@hotelmonteleoneembedded via

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: $320

@travelsymmetryembedded via

Amsterdam is kind of like the modern-day Wild West of Europe. The red light district, the magic mushroom tea, the marijuana, the crazy drivers... Sounds like a good time for a good price.

Book your ticket here

@plans4wanderembedded via

San Diego, California

Price: $117

@adventurecontinentembedded via

Everything in California is expensive, except this flight deal, but no one needs to know you paid only over $100 - so live it up like you paid $1000 and mingle in with the high-class society.

Book your ticket here

@mattiafilippi_embedded via

London, UK

Price: $360

@londoncityworldembedded via

The tea, the Royal Family, the accents; is there any reason not to go to London for this price? Take it from me - I paid $1,300 for my round trip flight from Pittsburgh to Heathrow, and I'm absolutely kicking myself after seeing this deal.

Book your ticket here

@camdentownlondonembedded via

New York City, New York

Price: $242

@refined_explorerembedded via

Who doesn't need a vacation in the city that never sleeps? There are nearly unlimited markets for shopping, shows for watching, and diners for eating. The best part? There is nowhere in the world that can compare to the Big Apple.

Book your ticket here

@nycliveembedded via

Cancun, Mexico

Price: $261

@nicholeolson9embedded via

It's the same old story; you always hear about people taking trips to Cancun, but you haven't had the chance to save the money to get there. Luckily, flights seem to be getting less expensive as the years go on, meaning there's no reason why you can't be the next Cancun fanatic.

Book your ticket here

@paradisusbymeliaembedded via

Denver, Colorado

Price: $157

@viaggiopageembedded via

As of recent, Colorado seems to be a hotspot for tourism, and for less than $160 you can be enjoying everything this amazing state has to offer - including legalized marijuana. Don't forget to stop at the ever-so-colorful Internation Church of Cannabis.

Book your ticket here

@nicolegeriembedded via

Vancouver, British Columbia 

Price: $304

@vancouver_canadaembedded via

This popular seaport city is one of Canada's most ethnically diverse, with a thriving art, theatre and music scene. It's also a popular filming location for Blockbuster movies, so if you plan accordingly maybe you could be an extra in an upcoming film. At very least you will be surrounded with plenty of entertainment and beautiful scenery.

Book your ticket here

@vancouver_canadaembedded via

Orlando, Florida

Price: $77

@jasminensimembedded via

Everyone knows about Orlando thanks to Disney World and Universal Studios, but there is so much more to this exciting city than just the theme parks. I won't spoil the surprise, its time for you to make your way to the Sunshine State for a week in the sun. I mean honestly, you can't even drive to Florida so cheap.

Book your ticket here

@orlandodatenightguideembedded via

Havana, Cuba

Price: $264

@mayabenhaimembedded via

Our heart is in Havana - and yours can be too. This city is more than just an island paradise, it's cool, classy, and exotic. Apparently, there is always music and dancing going on in Havana, and the cars - well, old fashion is totally in.

Book your ticket here

@anyuta_raiembedded via

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Price: $173

@rayka_appembedded via

Nightlife, nightlife, and you guessed it - more nightlife. From the plethora of casinos to the posh nightclubs, even the Electric Daisy Carnival is held here, there's no shortage of entertainment for the thrill seekers out there. And remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Book your ticket here

@pastranagroupembedded via

Copenhagen, Denmark

Price: $340

@larsenkbhembedded via

Standing as Denmark's capital city, Copenhagen is full of sightseeing and tourist opportunities. No matter if you want to check out the historic sites or explore the more modern amenities like the National Aquarium Denmark, this bustling European city has it all.

Book your ticket here

@camillamalmembedded via

Memphis, Tennessee

Price: $191

@wearememphistnembedded via

Maybe you will see the ghost of Elvis while you're walking in Memphis. Most people wouldn't put this city on their list of top destinations simply because they don't know all the great things it has to offer. This town is famous for the influential strains of blues, soul and rock 'n' roll originating here. Elvis Presley, B.B. King and Johnny Cash recorded albums at the legendary Sun Studio, and Presley’s Graceland mansion is nowhere else other than Memphis, Tennessee.

Book your ticket here

@wearememphistnembedded via

Berlin, Germany

Price: $360

@auliapraditaembedded via

Where do we even start with this one, the beer, the pretzels, the history, the culture? There is so much to do and see in Germany, and tickets to Europe for under $1000 are hard to come by - so this one for $360 is nothing short of a steal.

Book your ticket here

@incredible.destinationembedded via

Grand Canyon Village, Arizona

Price: $348

@themountproembedded via

Let's finally knock the Grand Canyon off your bucket list. You thought a flight out west would be too expensive and here it is - less than $400, waiting for you to book it so you can fulfill your western dream getaway.

Book your ticket here

@e.l.i.s.a.gembedded via

Quebec City, Canada

Price: $236

@theplaceiwastellingyouaboutembedded via

This charming mainly French-speaking Canadian city definitely holds on to their European roots, which is evident just by the architecture alone - like the cobblestone streets and stone buildings. Being so close to a place like this and never visiting would be a total shame, so take advantage of this round-trip flight deal for less than $125 each way.

Book your ticket here

@canadaparadiseembedded via

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Price: $244

@thetwoalchemistsembedded via

Check out the place where the famous blue meth was crafted by the legendary Heisenberg. Rumor has it there is actually going to be a Los Pollos Hermanos opening up in Albuquerque, and we are kind of obsessed with the idea. (PS. Did you hear there is going to be a Breaking Bad movie?)

Book your ticket here

@historycoolkidsembedded via

City of Brussels, Belgium

Price: $320

@janazlunkovaembedded via

Historic, beautiful, and the birthplace of waffles, Belgium is a European country that often gets overlooked as a tourist destination, but totally shouldn't. The old buildings, architecture, and culture alone should be a reason to put Belgium on your travel bucket list - the cheap flight is just an added bonus.

Book your ticket here

@michaelviggarsembedded via

Miami, Florida

Price: $358 via

Miami is like the east-coast LA. On any given day you can spot some high-profile celebs hanging out in the South Beach area, so it's no surprise that a trip to this Florida city is often costly... But not if you play your cards right and get a round-trip flight for only $358! Just don't be surprised when you see Lamborghinis and Ferraris casually rolling by.

Book your ticket here

@experience.miamiembedded via

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 

Price: $319

@hotelsandresortsembedded via

The clear blue water, the all-inclusive resorts - we can see why Punta Cana is a favorite vacation spot for many Americans, and for this price, it can be yours too.

Book your ticket here

@aioutletembedded via

Portland, Oregon

Price: $334

@nicholas_steven_embedded via

When you hear of Oregon you still think of the Oregon Trail and that's about it, right? Well, I'm here to tell you there is so much more to this western state than it's settlement history, like the picturesque mountain ranges, acres of beaches, flower-filled prairies, and even the hip city life you won't find anywhere else in the world.

Book your ticket here

@wavestowildernessembedded via

Aruba, Caribbean

Price: $291

@magiaalandarembedded via

Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya. For this price, there is no reason why you couldn't take your dream vacation in this tropical paradise. After all, there is a reason why it's mentioned in the Beach Boys song.

Book your ticket here

@follow.the.palmsembedded via

Bangor, Maine

Price: $190

@parkroamersembedded via

Explore the New England States starting from the top. Shores outlined in rocky beaches, moose casually walking about, night skies full of stars; Maine is hands-down one of the most beautiful states in the entire USA, and it's a great place to start if you have never experienced the New England States. Oh, and did we mention Stephen King has a house here?

Book your ticket here

@samanthaknopeembedded via

Mexico City, Mexico

Price: $353

@cdmx_oficialembedded via

Explore the Aztec ruins, dine on some authentic Mexican cuisine, and partake in flamboyant traditional celebrations like nowhere else in the world. The residents and history of Mexico City will be sure to give you a vacation of a lifetime.

Book your ticket here

@butch_locsin_from_laembedded via

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