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This Virginia Beach Pizzeria Is Giving Away Toilet Paper With Every Delivery

They love us, they really love us.
Pizza Delivery In Virginia Beach Now Comes With Toilet Paper At This Local Spot

Even though cooking at home is the cheaper way to live, sometimes you just want the easy way out. Pizza delivery in Virginia Beach is not only delicious, now it's also functional. There's a pizzeria adding a special necessity to every delivery order, to really keep the good times rolling. 

Windy City Pizza Virginia Beach brings the Chicago pizza love to the east coast with their mouthwatering pies and of course, the super cheesy and saucy deep dishes. 

With many Virginians working from home right now, the delivery business has been booming. As the current pandemic has affected many, it also led to a wide-spread shortage of toilet paper in most states. 

To help with this situation, Windy City Pizza began adding one roll of two-play toilet paper to every delivery and take out order.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, the pizza shop posted, "At Windy City Pizza we know what goes in must come out... so for a limited time we are giving away a FREE ROLL of toilet paper with the purchase of any large or deep dish pizza!"

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As many businesses are changing with the current reality, Windy City Pizza Virginia Beach is also shifting their business model.

They're currently offering uncooked pizzas to people who are interested in making their classics at home with the fam.

"We can sell you an uncooked pizza as long as it does not have Italian sausage on it because that is raw," the location mentions in a Facebook comment.

"We can substitute with a precooked sausage that we also have available... This applies only To our thin or traditional crust the deep dish must be par baked."

Majority of the large and deep dish pies are under $20 so this is seriously a cheap and useful meal.

Windy City Pizza Virginia Beach

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Pizza

Address: 1630 General Booth Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA

Why You Need To Go: These pieces are not only amazing, but they also come with a roll of toilet paper.