Right now is the perfect time to order take-out or pizza every night for dinner. Supporting local establishments is more important than ever and now, more popular spots are delivering right to your door. This local pizzeria in Virginia Beach is making dinner cheesier, deeper and totally worth the wait. 

Windy City Pizza in Virginia Beach, Virginia is owned by two Chicago transplants that are bringing deep dish Chicago-style pizza to the east coast

This establishment has been open since November 2014 and even has opened a second location in Chesapeake to better serve its guests. 

Their ingredients, including Italian sausage, Italian beef and gravy, pepperoni, meatballs, gyro cones and Turano bread are all shipped right from The Windy City.

Even the cheese of these pies come from an authentic spot: the cheesehead capital of the world, Wisconsin. 

The menu consists of original thin crust pizza, traditional crust pizza and the deep dish pizza.

These deep dish pies will make you feel like you've transported straight to The Windy City

This famous Chicago pie is loaded with a pound and a half of cheese and has pizza sauce poured all over the top of it.

The website says to allow up to 45 minutes for this pie to fully bake and "that it'll be worth the wait."

For a limited time, every delivery and take out order will also come with a roll of toilet paper. As of late, toilet paper has become a hot commodity, so this is the pizzeria's local way of giving back to the VA community. 

The delivery fee is only $2.25, which is cheaper than Ubereats and Postmates for some eateries.

You need to have a minimum order of $15, but that isn't hard to do at this delicious pizza joint with sides and drinks galore. 

Windy City Pizza

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Pizza

Address: 1630 General Booth Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA

Why You Need To Go: Not only will you get a roll of toilet paper when you order delivery or to-go, these deep dish Chicago pies will make you feel like you're in the Midwest.