One part of life that will always be sacred is keeping pizza safe. Now, that's become easier than ever. A new Pizza Pizza box was unveiled with a tamper-proof lock, ensuring your pie gets delivered even more safely. Customers can rest assured that the delivery person didn't snatch a pepperoni on the drive.

The new box design features a locking mechanism that must be broken by the customer in order to get the contents inside.

Since it's taken out of the 500-degree oven by a paddle and placed in the box, the company points out that throughout the process, your pizza is never directly touched before reaching your hands.

This feature is great for customers who are worried about contamination.

Currently, Pizza Pizza is working to get all of its 420 locations across Canada stocked up with the new locking pizza boxes.

"We are pleased to be able to offer a packaging solution that will give our customers added confidence in knowing their food is protected and safe," Paul Goddard, CEO at Pizza Pizza, said in a statement.

The company was also one of the first in Canada to offer contactless delivery, keeping in line with good social distancing practices.

Other fast-food companies have yet to adopt any special tamper-proof packaging, although they have been applying seals and stickers to delivery bags before they leave the restaurant.

Food delivery has been the only way to enjoy restaurant food since businesses were forced to close their dining rooms to the public.

Most locations, like Tim Hortons, are still offering drive-thru service. Tims has even instituted a system where customers can have their orders brought out to them in the parking lot.

Stores like Costco have also offered delivery to Canadians. However, the massive backlog of new orders has extended the wait time from two to almost 10 days.

One Toronto McDonald's had their entire store lined with bags waiting to be filled with food to be sent out to hungry customers.