You Can Get Free Pizza In Exchange For Your Halloween Candy This Week

Trade in that unwanted Halloween candy for some pizza!

Halloween is by far one of the best holidays ever. It's the only day of the year that gives you an excuse to dress up as someone else, attend as many parties as possible, and eat your weight in candy.

It's also the only holiday that leaves you with enough candy to stuff your face for the next 365 days of the year. But what happens when you're left with only your least favourite candy? Or you're trying to be sort of good this year and not eat too much sugar?

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What do you do with all of that leftover Halloween candy you couldn't give away? Do you throw it out? Eat it? Pawn it off to your younger sibling? Pass it on to your co-workers? What if you could trade it in for something even better? Like a fresh, hot slice of pizza.

On November 1st, you can choose to keep your Halloween candy, or you can bring it into Pizza Pizza in exchange for a free slice of pepperoni or cheese! 

All you have to do is bring in a minimum of three unopened packaged candy on November 1st to any participating Pizza Pizza location across Canada and you'll get a coupon for your free slice of steaming hot pizza.

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The coupon is redeemable from November 1st to 18th and all candy collected from this event will be donated to charity, so you can choose to either bring all of your leftover Halloween goodies in, or just bring in the minimum, get your free slice and enjoy it with the rest of the candy you have stashed away at home.

There is, however, a limit of one slice of pizza per customer, but it's still a win-win situation: You get to pass on your remaining Halloween candy to charity, and you get a delicious slice for doing good.