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Pizza Pizza Now Has Avocado Fries On Their Menu In Canada

Pizza Pizza adds avocado fries to their Canadian menu for a limited time.
Pizza Pizza Now Has Avocado Fries On Their Menu In Canada

In 2019, anything goes. Burger chains selling funnel cake fries, pizza chains selling avocado fries, taco chains opening "slide-thru" takeout windows at Ontario snow-tubing hills. Fast food chains are locked into a battle to lure Canadian customers and honestly, they're all winning at this point.

Following the success of their cauliflower crust pizza, Pizza Pizza now has avocado fries on their menu for a limited time. For just $6.99 you can get yourself a sizzling hot platter of deep-fried avocado wedges. They're described as avocado slices coated in a crunchy breading. 

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Avocado fries will be on the menu at participating locations temporarily, so you may want to give your closest location a call to see if they're available. We've got to hand it to Pizza Pizza - this idea's genius. We can't think of anything more millennial-friendly than fried avocado.

Pizza Pizza has also introduced a brand new pie to its menu, called Spicy Tex-Mex. This pizza is a combination of American and Mexican flavour. It's topped with ground beef, roasted red pepper, jalapenos, cilantro, tex-mex seasoning and red onion infused with a four-cheese blend.

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To get in on the exciting action at Pizza Pizza right now, visit their website to find the closest location near you.

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