This '50s Inspired Diner In Michigan Actually Has A Huge Treasure Trove Of Coke Souvenirs

Get out your poodle skirts and get ready to hand-jive because we're going back in time.
Places To Eat In Michigan Include This Diner That Has A Huge Collection Of Coke Souvenirsg

Out of all of the nostalgic eras that come into fashion and then leave again, the '50s has to be one of the most longlasting. The poodle skirts, pastel colors, and generation-defining music stick in our minds and compel us to try to recreate that time period. Luckily, there is one place to eat in Michigan that embodies this aesthetic with amazing accuracy.

Dawson and Stevens Diner has to be one of the best doing the '50s thing around here. 

The diner is themed, but that's not what's truly special about this place. 

The real draw to this place is the enormous tribute to Coca-Cola inside. 

There are over 20,000 pieces of Coke memorabilia in here!

One of the walls is entirely lined with cases that display everything from Coke telephones to children's toys, and even antique signs. 

There are endless photo opportunities in this restaurant. The Coca-Cola phone booth is particularly adorable. 

When you enter the diner, you'll be immediately surrounded by teal and light pink booths and, of course, cherry red Coke signs everywhere.

They have a very convincing vintage soda jerk that will really transport you to a different time. 

You'll find the most classic American diner fare here, and they do it right. 

If you're heading north for a hike to an exotic rock formation or looking to see some waterfalls, you should stop at this restaurant on your way up. 

The old fashioned sodas are a huge bucket list item on this menu. It's not soda, like your classic Coke from a can, it's a whole production in itself. 

They make the pop from putting some syrup in the old-fashioned machine, which whips it together with some carbonated water. 

Then, the final touches come from two scoops of vanilla ice cream and some whipped cream and cherry. 

They also offer lactose-free and vegan ice cream options so there really is no excuse to not indulge your sweet tooth this time.

Dawson & Stevens Classic '50s Diner

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: American classics and homemade shakes and malts

Address: 231 Michigan Ave., Grayling, MI

Why You Need To Go: There are so many unique items stuffed into this cozy diner. You can enjoy something deliciously sweet with a friend while gazing at adorable pieces of history. 

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