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You Can Explore This Eerie Alabama Furnace Like A Post-Apocalyptic Playground

What could be lurking in its maze of pipes and ovens?
Places To Explore In Alabama Include Sloss Furnaces Creepy Remains

There’s a certain kind of charm to run-down buildings with their post-apocalyptic vibes. They’re like living ghosts, constructed shells that house memories from the past. Let’s be honest, they’re super cool to explore too — and we have one such place to add to your exploration list. Among places to visit in Alabama, Sloss Furnaces lets you wander the creepily cool remains of this massive blast furnace from the 19th century.

With its maze of pipes, rusting and groaning deep tunnels, and lofty towers, it’s easy to let your imagination run wild in this place. From zombies to nuclear fallouts, this thrilling location gives us a good idea of what the end of times might look like.

Sloss Furnaces once dominated the world as the largest manufacturer of pig iron, and still stands today as a proud icon of the Industrial Revolution. Now a National Historic Landmark, the furnace was once operational from 1882 to 1970, becoming an official museum in 1983.

While no longer functioning, Sloss Furnaces is open to the public where they offer self-guided tours throughout the week, which means you can explore to your heart’s content!

There are also guided tours on the weekends and you can check out the museum for free during normal business hours.

The furnace now serves as a unique venue for photography shoots, concerts, and rustic, post-apocalyptic weddings. It’s even been the host of seasonal haunted houses and paranormal investigations.

The furnace has been visited by many a paranormal investigator, including Ghost Hunters, Fox’s Scariest Places on Earth, the Horror Channel, and more. They’ve reportedly documented screams, orbs, cold spots, and machinery running on its own.

Fright Furnace, a haunted house attraction hosted at the grounds, comes around every Autumn to hype people up for the spooky season — and Sloss' terrifying tunnels are probably one of the most perfect places to do so.

There are several different tours to check out, with new themes offered every year. Fright Furnace is currently still scheduled to return in September 2020.

Are you brave enough to face the labyrinth of the furnace and the stories held within its rusting walls?

Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark

Address: 20 32nd St., N. Birmingham, AL

Why You Need To Go: Explore the eerie historic landmark of this rusting 19th-century blast furnace. Allegedly haunted and full of post-apocalyptic vibes, this unique spot is worth visiting.

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