People Want Tim Hortons To Worry About Dairy-Free Milk Before Plant-Based Eggs

The people just want soy milk for their iced coffee!
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People Want Tim Hortons To Worry About Dairy-Free Milk Before Plant-Based Eggs

Tim Hortons has really stepped up their game recently when it comes to vegan and vegetarian food after it was reported this week that they now have plant-based eggs. Earlier this year, the Canadian coffee stop also introduced a number of vegetarian sausage patties for their breakfast menu, and followed this up with a selection of Beyond Meat veggie burgers, too. If this wasn’t enough to get the vegetarians and vegans of the country drooling, they are now trialling the completely vegan egg for their breakfast snacks and omelettes!

While this all sounds like excellent news for Canada’s animals, as well as those who chose to live a meat or dairy free lifestyle, some Canadians are asking why Tim Hortons is so keen to focus on plant-based burgers and wraps, while neglecting the one plant-based alternative that coffee-shop-lovers really, really want- milk!

At many of their locations across the country, Tim Hortons does not offer a milk alternative. For those who do not want to, or can’t, drink cow’s milk, the choices are limited when it comes to hot beverage options. After news broke on Thursday that the chain would be offering an egg alternative to go with their meat-free snacks, some people started questioning, ‘what kind of coffee-shop offers a plant-based burger but not soy milk?’

While the responses to the new, plant-based alternatives have been largely positive, it hasn’t stopped people feeling like there is something missing in the menu. In one tweet, a Tim Hortons fan wrote, “Us: we want non dairy milk. Tim Hortons: Beyond sausages!! Us: thx but now almond milk...Tim Hortons: Beyond burgers!” 

Just a few days later, the Twitter user added, “Us: soy milk, oat ... anything? Tim Hortons: new vegan eggs!!”

These feelings were mirrored by a number of social media users, who all felt that Tim Hortons could be focusing on other, perhaps more coffee-shop appropriate, vegan alternatives.

While Tim Hortons does claim to offer dairy-free milk alternatives in some locations, Twitter users were also quick to point out that they had never seen them in a Tim Hortons near them. A number of other people noted that while their local Timmy's claimed to have the options, they were rarely in stock.

In an email statement to Narcity, a representative for Tim Hortons said, "regarding dairy-free alternatives when it comes to milk, each Tim Hortons restaurant is independently owned and the decision to carry dairy alternatives is made by each restaurant owner based on guest requests and preferences in their market."

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